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Here you will find in-depth reviews of games and soundtracks. The rating system is a percentage one for the games and a simple "out of ten" evaluation for soundtracks. We tried several forms of ratings in the past, but the percentage rating proved to be the best ones. Here at rpg-o-mania, we try to utilize the full range of the rating. Games are generally considered to be good from 60% onwards; game with more than 80% rating receive a "rpg-o-mania classic", an award for being excellent.

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These reviews have been written in a short time period from late 2000 until spring 2001, when this page was calles RPG WorldWide and managed by three people. I originally lost the reviews on a harddisk crash in late 2001, but thanks to, I was able to resurface them.
Game Score
Final Fantasy VII90%
Trials of Mana95%
Suikoden 290%

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