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Here you will find in-depth reviews of games and soundtracks. The rating system is a percentage one for the games and a simple "out of ten" evaluation for soundtracks. We tried several forms of ratings in the past, but the percentage rating proved to be the best ones. Here at rpg-o-mania, we try to utilize the full range of the rating. Games are generally considered to be good from 60% onwards; game with more than 80% rating receive a "rpg-o-mania classic", an award for being excellent. Find out how we rate our games here.

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Game Score
Breath of Fire 2 SNES GBA 88%
Castle of the Underdogs SWI PC 70%
Chrono Trigger SNES PS1 NDS PC 88%
Crimson Shroud 3DS 77%
Dragon Quest NES GBC 60%
Dragon Quest XI SWI PS4 95%
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PS4 PC SWI 85%
Evoland 2 PS4 PC XONE SWI 82% / 0%
Fantasian AAR 90%
Feda: the Emblem of Justice SNES 69%*
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles GCN 79%
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest (Mystic Quest Legend) WII WIIU SNES 55%
Final Fantasy VI PS1 GBA PC IOS PS4 SNES SWI 82%
Final Fantasy VII (Remake) PS4 PS5 83%
Final Fantasy X HD remaster PS4 PC XONE XS SWI 83%
Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac age PS4 PC XONE SWI 78%*
Final Fantasy XIV PC PS5 PS4 85% / 87% / 89% / 94% / 91% / 97%
Fire Emblem: Three Houses SWI 86%
Grandia SAT PS1 81%
Grandia II PS2 DC 79%
Grandia III PS2 72%
Grandia HD Collection PC SWI 79%
Harvestella SWI PC 77%
Heroes of Shaola PC 59%
Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity SWI 81%
I am Setsuna SWI PS4 80%
Indivisible SWI PS4 XONE PC 81%
Koudelka PS1 65%
Lufia II - Rise of the Sinistrals SNES 87%
Lufia - Ruins of Lore GBA 75%
Lost Sphear PS4 PC SWI 70%
Landstalker SMD 69%
Lunar Legend GBA 63%
Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete SAT PS1 90%
Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 PS4 PC SWI 78%
Octopath Traveler PC SWI 75%
Phantasy Star SMS SWI 70%
Pokemon Shield SWI 85%
Pokemon Legends: Arceus SWI 86%
Radiata Stories PS2 80%
Secret of Mana SNES 80%
Secret of Mana (Remake) PS4 PSV PC 80%
Shining Force SMD 85%
Shining The Holy Ark SAT 80%
Shin Megami Tensei 3 HD PS4 SWI PC 90%
Star Ocean: The 2nd story PS1 74%
Star Ocean: Till the end of time PS4 PS2 88%
Star Ocean: The Divine Force PS4 PS5 XS PC 76%
Suikoden II PS1 PS3 95%
Suikoden III PS3 PS2 87%
Suikoden IV PS2 76%
Suikoden V PS2 78%
Tales of Symphonia PS2 PS3 GCN 79%
Tales of Vesperia PS4 XONE PC SWI 77%
Terranigma SNES 83%
The Cruel King and the Great Hero SWI PS4 XS PC 73%
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC PS3 X360 SWI 90%
Trials of Mana (remake) PC PS4 SWI 80%
Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap PS4 XONE PC SWI 83%
Wonder Boy in Monster World SMD 70%
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition SWI 80%
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 SWI 84% / 90%
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 SWI 98% / 98%
Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana PS4 PC PSV SWI 81%
Ys IX: Monstrum Nox PS4 PC SWI 83%
Zelda: A Link to the Past SWI SNES GBA 90%
Zelda: Link's Awakening SWI 81%
Zelda: Twilight Princess WIIU WII 81%

* Ratings with a star indicate that I did not finish the game prior to writing the review.

Spotlight: Vintage game review

These reviews have been written in a short time period from late 2000 until spring 2001, when this page was calles RPG WorldWide and later on RPG Xanadu. I originally lost the reviews on a harddisk crash in late 2001, but thanks to, I was able to resurface them.
Game Score
Chrono Trigger NDS SNES 110%
Final Fantasy VII PS3 PS4 PC SWI PS1 90%
Legend of Mana PS4 PC SWI PS1 75%
Trials of Mana SWI PC PS4 SNES 95%
Shining Force 2 SMD 90%
Suikoden PS3 PS1 85%
Suikoden 2 PS3 PS1 90%


These are the abbreviated consoles. "Red" indicates the version the game has been tested on. Please note that many of these games have been released on many platforms in some sort of collections, I tried to state only the systems the game has been released as a single game or a prominent part of a rerelease.

Abbreviation Console
AAR Apple Arcade subscription service
IOS Apple iOS
DC Sega Dreamcast
GBA Nintendo Gameboy Advance
GCN Nintendo GameCube
NDS Nintendo DS
SWI Nintendo Switch
PC Any personal computer (Windows, Mac)
PS1 Sony PlayStation
PS2 Sony PlayStation 2
PS3 Sony PlayStation 3
PS4 Sony PlayStation 4
PS5 Sony PlayStation 5
PSV Sony PlayStation Vita
SAT Sega Saturn
SMD Sega Mega Drive (Genesis)
SMS Sega Master System
SNES Super Nintendo Entertainment System
SWI Nintendo Switch
WII Nintendo Wii
WIIU Nintendo WIIU
X360 Microsoft XBox 360
XONE Microsoft XBox One
XS Microsoft XBox Series

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