Various music as tracked music files. These melodies have been re-composed by fans, and they often sound as good as the original. Here are some of my own songs included.

To listen to those songs, I highly recommend:
Vox for Mac
Foobar2000 for Windows
Modizer for iOS

Please note that I do not get any money for these recommendations, they are no partner sales links.


20 years of rpg-o-mania

This is a special album consisting of some great remixes to celebrate the 20th birthday of rpg-o-mania that is due in Septembre 2019. These are songs from OverClocked ReMix that I handpicked and put together to be in this album.

Every song has some relationship to a certain year of rpg-o-manias existence - more of that described in the page linked below! With the songs originating at OC ReMix, they are free of course!

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