Those Moments

Written in 2018

Usually, people play RPGs for three reasons: They like lengthy games, they like menu based combat systems, and they like story. And for a long time, mostly only RPGs offered comprehensive and complex stories. Nowadays, things changed and even Action Adventures (like Assassins Creed) or even Action Games (L.A. Noire) or Adventures (Detroit: Become Human) are intense experiences with dense stories.

But still, storytelling is an important part in many RPGs, at least if you don't count straight dungeon crawlers and the like. And many RPGs have these moments where you just have to pause for a moment and realize what you just saw or experienced. You might never see the cast or the events of the game the same.

One of the most obvious ones happens in Final Fantasy VII, with certain events revolving around one of the main characters, Aeris. I guess you all know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to make sure to not spoil the 2 1/2 people visiting this site who don't know what happened in that game. This scene is considered to be one of the most intense moments for many gamers - I, personally, didn't find it too touching.

Here we're going to collect some of the moments we at rpg-o-mania redeem worthy of being mentioned. Please note that these pages contain heavy spoilers for the games that they're covering, so be warned.

A selection of moments

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