Breath of Fire clans

Written in 2020

Breath of Fire has a very diverse world. There are not only humans, but also other humanoid people that look a lot like dogs, frogs, cats or even armadillos. In the world of the games, there various peoples are called "clans" - and this report is here to give you a short overview of various clans that roam the world of Breath of Fire games.

Being part of one clan does not necessarily mean that the members of said clans only live together. Especailly the fish people (Manillos) are to be found in every other city, similar to the cat people, the Woren.

The only tribes that seem to like being around only each other are the various Dragon Clans, which are additionally often in conflict with each other.

This set of articles will give you an overview of the clans, their behaviour and their origin.

If you have something to add or think that something is not correct, please feel free to contact us!

(The list is still work in progress and will expand soon!)

The clans

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