Breath of Fire Highlander Clan

Written in 2020

The Highlanders (or "Alpine Clan", as they are called in Japanese) first appeared in Breath of Fire II and they look very much like chimpanzees.

The clan's culture is generally based on pride and power. In the past, they warred not only each other but also other people around the world, and they developed quite advanced technology like a flying fortress.

As the events of Breath of Fire II took place, their military ambitions have cooled down a little.

Their new leader, Shupkay wanted to restore that former glory and was eventually seduced by Deathevan and turned into a demon.

In later games, namely Breath of Fire III and IV, Highlanders still appear from time to time, but they do not play a critical role anymore.

There is also no sight of their former militaristic way of life or even a city where they live together.

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