Breath of Fire Grassrunner Clan

Written in 2020

Usually, in the Breath of Fire world, clans are related to a certain species of animals. Highlanders are related to apes, Woren are cats and so on.

As for canine anthropomorphism, there are acutally two clans: The Forest Clan (Wolf Clan) and the Grassrunner Clan. Grassrunners are people that resemble all forms of domestic or wild dogs, or subspecies of wild dogs like foxes.

People from this clan are found all around the world, with no specific place to call their home, although the Fou Empire seems to have some Grassrunnes in higher up positions.

Some members of the clan look more like humans with only some animalistic features left (e.g., Ursula from Breath of Fire IV), others almost just look like dogs (Bow or Scias). Rumors say that like the Wing clan, cross breeding with humans causes the anthropomorphic features to decline over time.

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