Breath of Fire Faery Clan

Written in 2020

The faeries are little flying creatures in the world of Breath of Fire that seem to live not along with other clans. They rather live in their own world, and only rarely interact with other species, at least if need not be.

Their intention is also not really clear. It seems all they want to do is live in peace. In Breath of Fire, they cursed a lumberjack who cut down their forest. But in the end, they help Ryu and his party to save the man after his mother asks the party to do so.

They are completely absent from Breath of Fire II, but in part III of the series, the faeries play a big role in the game as players could help them rebuild their village, which gives this part of the game some sort of city building aspect. Being successful in building the fairy town gives advantage to the players.

It's about the same in Breath of Fire IV, where players also help the faeries to rebuild their town - and it's even similar in Dragon Quarter, where the faery colony is even an independent part of the main game which has to be restarted a couple of times during regular gameplay.

Their appearance is a bit female in build, but there do not seem to be different gendered faeries.

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