Creeping Clan

Written in 2020

Members of the Creeping Clan first appear in Breath of Fire II. In this game of the series, one of the main heroes, Jean (or Ekaru), is from this clan.

There is also a whole episode in the game dedicated to events around the frog people, which plays in their fortified home of "SimaFort", which would be translated to the "Swimming Castle" if taken from the Japanese original.

Creeping Clan members are often very talented artists or cooks, but they're also avid fishermen. Jean from Breath of Fire II is a painter and likes to enjoy his life, however this cannot be attributed to the whole clan. His sister is very serious and determined, and in later Breath of Fire games, some clan members even are bouncers or bodyguards.

They appear in Breath of Fire II, III and IV, but they only play a cruicial role of the story within part II. In the latter installments, Creeping Clan people are only part of the general population of the games' worlds.

Jean speaks in a matter reminiscent of French accent, it is not known to me if this way of speaking was a joke by the translators or if it was intended in the Japanese original games.

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