Breath of Fire Manillo Clan

Written in 2020

Oh, the Manillo. The first Breath of Fire I played was Breath of Fire II, and I just loved the fish people who sold things to me. I especially liked how they checked if they made a good deal every time a transaction was finished.

The only time a Manillo was part of the party, though, was in the original Breath of Fire game, where Gobi (also a merchant) helped Ryu on his mission - albeit a bit unwillingly at first.

Manillo clanspeople can transform in to a huge fish, which makes traversing the world underwater much easier. They are also in posession of an item just called Gills, which allows non-Manillos to breathe underwater.

In Breath of Fire III, a Manillo can become one of the masters after Ryu excels in fishing. There are not many other Manillos to be seen.

The Manillo Marlock plays a cruicial role in Breath of Fire IV, as he helps the party to get a ship that can travel over sand, although he officially only grants them a loan with the exception of further profit. Marlock can also become a Master later on and train the party members.

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