Breath of Fire Wing Clan

Written in 2020

The Wing Clan is almost as prominently part of the games' story as is the Dragon Clan, and the second main character from almost every game is a Wing Clan member - Nina.

The only time Nina is not a member of the Wing Clan people is Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter, where she is a human that has been modified to be some sort of air purifying being, not unlike trees.

But let's get back to the Wing Clan. In days past, every member of the Wing Clan was able to trasnform into a huge bird, which can be seen in some scenes of the original Breath of Fire, where people of that clan fight off Dark Dragon clansfolk as huge birds.

This ability is lost during the ages, and the guilt is placed on Nina from the first game, as the loved a man from another clan, thus weakening her descendents. In Breath of Fire III, the wings are left to be nothing more than a decorative feature.

Interestingly enough, Nina from Breath of Fire IV seems to be even able to fly a little with those wings.

The Wing Clan resides in Wyndia (or Winlan, Windia), a town that seems to be the oldest in the whole series.

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