Breath of Fire Dragon Clan

Written in 2020

The title of the series itself is "Breath of Fire", which implies that the whole series is about dragons - as they are known of breathing fire. Jokes aside, the main protagonist of each game is Ryu, member of the Dragon Clan in various incarnations.

Members of the Dragon Clan are very powerful, as they have the ability to transfer into dragons, if need be. Depending of their inherent power, they can transform into little cute dragons, or they can become massively big and powerful beings.

In the beginning, the Dragons fought goddess Myria for power. This war was devastating and cost lots of lives, so some of the Dragon Clan members vowed to live in peace. Others, however, triet to stay powerful and tried to take over the world whilst also annihilating the peaceful light dragons. With all the wars and fight for power, the number of people that bore the power of the dragon vanished more and more.

As the goddess Myria was able to recover from the war she had lost when fighting the dragons, she tried to kill every Dragon Clan member that still had their powers. The dragons won again, but they grew less and less in number.

In the end, only a few people were born with powers to transform into dragons. And they were so rare that they have been called the "chosen". It's a sad story about a clan that was not able to handle the power they were gifted with.

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