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2018-06-27 06:06:10

Another small backend update - you can now page through the news over in the news archive. More game related content coming soon!

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2018-06-24 19:28:33

Not just technical updates this time. I wrote a review about the remake of Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. This comes with a little easter egg. But be sure to check out the game, it's great!

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2018-06-21 20:06:48

Another little update in the backend. I tweaked this and that, so that rpg-o-mania is a tad easier to maintain. More regular updates coming soon!

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2018-06-17 09:24:53

It's a small and big update at the same time.

Small, because there's nothing especially new for you readers. And big, because I had to change almost every file here on the webpage because I made a mistake that just didn't show up on browsers.

And on another note, the layout should look nicer now on bigger screens. :)

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2018-06-16 07:30:05

In spring this year, I had my "Setsuna" phase going on. Now there's some kind of aftermath - the Winter's End soundtrack review.

A funny side story: This is the first soundtrack review since 2004. That means that if you got a child at the time when the last soundcheck was released, it would be 14 by now and on the verge of becoming an adult. Aah, time flies...

For nostalgia, I didn't create a new score card but rather used the original old file and just added the new score! :)

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