Suikoden runes redone

Written in 2007, redone in 2019

The Suikoden series is not one of these game series that's undercovered in the web. There are especially many artwork sites out there, but high quality images of the beautiful runes are pretty hard to find. Instead of looking any further, I decided to redo them myself. Since the source images are pretty small, I had problems adding the neccessary details to let the runes look decent in a higher resolution. So I started being a bit creative, I hope the outcome is okay - if you don't agree, you're welcome to send me an e-mail, I am willing to share the original Photoshop files.

This page is not meant to be a guideline for runes, there are better pages out there to get informations about the runes. There are some tidbits of informations here as well, though.

If you click onto or tap the runes, you will see bigger versions. There are several versions available for each rune, a more colorful one and a vectorized one that can be scaled in almost any size.

Black Sword Rune

Another half of the Rune of the Beginning and sibling to the Bright Shield rune. This rune's master is Jowy, friend of Riou from Suikoden II. There are some variante of the lesser Sword Runes in Suikoden V, but this one is the original true rune.

Blinking Rune

This is the rune that Viki, the "somehow shows up in every part of the series"-character wears. It is not a true rune (you can get it for other characters as well), and it is mostly not too powerful. However, the rune itself looks great and it was easy to reproduce, thus I re-worked it.

Bright Shield Rune

Basically, this one is already covered above, since the Bright Shield rune is one half of the Rune of the Beginning next to the Black Sword Rune. The hero of Suikoden II, Riou, wears this one through the course of the game. I'm honestly not perfectly sure if I remade the correct design since there are also asymmetrical versions of this rune to be found online. Nonetheless, here it is.

Dragon Rune

This rune grants the dragon the existance in the world of Suikoden. It is worn by the head of the Dragon Clan, who is Milia these days. I'm not so satisfied with the design, but I didn't want to wait for weeks to "release" this rune, since it was the result of the first rune commission.

Fire Rune

Ah, the fire rune. If you're a fellow Suikoden player since the beginning of the series, then this was the very first rune you ever got. Leknaat handed over the fire rune to Cleo. This rune was especially hard to model since it's a very rounded rune with a fiery gradient in the center. This gradient alone looked awkward in the higher resolution, so I decided to create a fiery pattern on my own.

Lightning Rune

This rune became especially famous because of "lightning" Flik. It is a fairly powerful attack rune in the games, and I especially like the design. Maybe this was the reason I was so disappointed when I first remade the rune. I hope that the fellow Suikoden fans out there aren't mad on me because I painted a bolt into the rune... but as I heard, this doesn't look too bad.

Pale Gate Rune

This rune is a child from the Gate Rune which played a huge part in the events of Suikoden I. I like both the Gate Rune's design as well as this sinister looking one. It's also a rune that can summon mighty beings into the world of Suikoden.

Rune of Punishment

The deadliest of the 27 true runes, it is said to be a parasitic rune, means that it lives off the life force of its bearer. It offers tremendous power, but no one who bore the rune lived long enough to really make any profit or progress with this force. Yet, as the original bearer dies while using the rune, his memories are carried on by the rune itself. This rune has been created as sort of a commission from a reddit user.

Rune of the Beginning

A rune that's quite rare. This one was particularly hard to remake, because this rune is one entity, but consists sort of two "layers", which have to be combined. Doing so in Photoshop will surprise one with strange results and a rune that looks like something being split in two halves.

Soul Eater Rune

This is by far my personal favorite rune. Not just because of that great story that unveils around it in Suikoden 1, but also from an aesthetical point of veiw. The rune looks somehow like a reaper, or just a sickle, or a jumping and crying being... it has so many forms and is so unbelievably deadly at the same time...

Water Rune

Healing is the job of the water rune. The rune itself looks very calming and peaceful, this is why I especially like the bluish design. However, the design was harder to create since it's very ellipse-based. Just drawing and cutting two ellipses wasn't enough, the rune didn't look like it was one entity. This is actually the result of restarting from scratch three times.

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