Suikoden runes redone

Written in 2007, redone in 2019

The Suikoden series is not one of these game series that's undercovered in the web. There are especially many wiki sites out there, but high quality images of the beautiful runes are pretty hard to find. Instead of looking any further, I decided to redo them myself. Since the source images are pretty small, I had problems adding the neccessary details to let the runes look decent in a higher resolution. So I started being a bit creative, I hope the outcome is okay - if you don't agree, you're welcome to send me an e-mail, I am willing to share the original Photoshop files.

This page is not meant to be a guideline for runes, there are better pages out there to get informations about the runes. There are some tidbits of informations here as well, though.

If you click onto or tap the runes, you will see bigger versions. There are several versions available for each rune, a more colorful one and a vectorized one that can be scaled in almost any size.

A selection of runes

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