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2021-06-21 20:03:08

Tons and Tons of new Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood art. Today we have
- an extensive addition to our art galleries,
- desktop wallpapers and
- mobile wallpapers!

Might this be a sign of things to come? :D

posted by docower

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2021-06-16 22:19:39

Today, the galleries were updated with the functionality to see all images at once without displaying specific pages.

This is bad for slower internet speed, but better for convenient browsing.

So if you want to, enjoy the galleries without limits.

You can activate this by clicking "view all" in the galleries.

The link itself will then look like this.

As of today, i have 442 images in the Final Fantasy 14 screenshot gallery. That's a lot!

posted by docower

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2021-06-13 19:34:35

I changed the "musicians" section to "artists / musicians" as we're going to cover more people who made our games greater or more interesting in the future.

We start with a person where I'm not even sure if that person exists at all or if all artwork shown is really from them: Matsunori Iwamoto, who allegedly created lots of artworks for Nintendo of Europe back in the 1990s.

You can find details in the article!

posted by docower

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2021-06-10 20:26:23

The update itself is rather small today - 4 new wallpapers in our Final Fantasy wallpaper gallery. They're from the intergrade version that just had been released on the PlayStation 5 console.

Other than that, after about 18 years now, this website has a new logo:

Up until now, we used a slanted small letter logo that was reminiscent of one of rpg-o-mania's very first logos in 2002 (back then written ...rpg-o-mania..., as it was modern back in the day). I wanted to have a modern logo that does also incorporate a visual element - hence the O with the sword was born.

I know, a sword and a shield for a RPG website is nothing too special, but this sword has a meaning - it's the one in the coat of arms of my town. And since this website was born and maintained most of the time in said town, it's just fitting. I also think the sword itself looks badass :)

posted by docower

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