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2019-12-14 23:06:11

Oh well, it's late, I'm tired, but I have a new version of a "best version" article online:

The best Lunar Silver Star.

This is a confusing game since there are so many different versions available, and I tried to give you an overview.

Spoiler: Pick the PSP version, if you can :)

posted by docower

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2019-12-12 20:08:09

Square Enix just recently released a new version of Star Ocean 1 for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 console.

Along with the game's release, they also released some nice artwork which I uploaded to our Star Ocean gallery.

Now that there are various Star Ocean 1 versions out there, maybe that would be a good topic for a "best version", don't you think?

posted by docower

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2019-12-09 20:14:27

Today we cover one of the hot topics from the RPG world in 2005: The remake of Wild Arms, named Wild Arms: Another Code F. It's basically the original game with the visuals of Wild Arms 4 and gameplay of Wild Arms 3.

But is it better than the original?

We covered in our short "Best version" page: Go take a look!

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2019-12-07 23:34:09

The next game I'm playing is Pokémon Shield, and until now, I think I really like it. I have added a corresponding screenshot gallery where I add some screenshots here and there, after I posted them to twitter.

I really like the sword / shield coincidence with Suikoden 2 :)

posted by docower

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