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2024-01-10 17:37:21

Square Enix released some news for Final Fantasy XIV dawntrail a few days ago, the next upcoming extension for the MMO.

The artwork released along this is very nice and has been uploaded to our Final Fantasy XIV gallery.

As you might all know, I'm pretty hyped for this next extension, as I love the game really much and have played it for the past three years.

So expect more FFXIV content to come for the forseeable future! :D

posted by docower

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2024-01-09 08:04:29

Recently, I added the Wild Arms artwork from days gone, and I came up with the idea to find out where there are wild west games or homages in the RPG games that I like so much.

I composed a little report and put it into our "A world of clich├ęs" section, or to be more precise I added the article here.

Other than that, another year has passed, and even if I try to keep my private life out of rpg-o-mania, it was a very hard one.

So I hope you and your loved ones will have a good 2024, you can enjoy life and live in peace and safety!

The relaunch of rpg-o-mania here is now six years old, and it still looks fresh as ever.

I'm also working on some tweaks here and there, but I wasn't all too successful yet in that regard. I'll inform all of you when I'll get to it!

posted by docower

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2023-12-28 21:25:51

Although I really like many games in the series, I totally forgot there was quite the nice Wild Arms art gallery in the old rpg-o-mania that lasted from 1999 - 2009.

And today, I added the old gallery again - here is our Wild arms gallery.

Sadly, the games haven't been updated ever since Wild Arms 5 in 2008. But the art is still nice.

I have to apologize that 2007 me used some filters to "enhance" blurry images, which makes them look a bit too filtered today.

If I ever find better quality images, I'll add them to the gallery.

posted by docower

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2023-12-21 08:32:43

Square Enix released a lot of art for SaGa Emerald Beyond, which we uploaded into our SaGa artwork gallery.

Like I wrote last time, SaGa games usually have some high degree of quirkiness to them and were usually the playground of Squaresoft (and later Square Enix) to try out some new concepts. Some games failed, some succeeded. Emerald Beyond sounds pretty interesting, though. It's said that Emerald Beyond has a high focus on an individual story based on own decisions.

Let's see how it will turn out. I'm still intrigued.

And, on the SaGa gallery, there's really a lot of new artwork!

posted by docower

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2023-12-12 12:14:13

Today, I added some huge artworks to our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth gallery.

To be perfectly honest, I'm still not sold at the concept of the "new" Final Fantasy VII.

Square Enix puts so much effort into a game that is based on an old game whilst trying to create something new at the same time they try to tie it somewhat on the older story. But then again, they spend so much time in-game telling people that this story is somewhat different.

I always hear people how they talk about when they expect this character to appear here, or how that character survived where they did not in the original game.

I barely hear how the story itself works on its own - the matter of discussion is always just old characters and changes in the storyline without ever noticing how Final Fantasy 7 R - at the end, all of them - will work out as an individual experience for people who never played the original Final Fantasy VII.

posted by docower

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