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2024-06-13 19:39:25

I am only rarely really overwhelmed by a new video game trailer. But as I looked to SquareEnix's new "Visions of Mana" trailer, I was really amazed.

It is a great trailer that shows so many promising aspects of the game that I'm really, really positive that this game will be great.

Aside of that, there's new Visions of Mana art available in our

Seiken gallery.

Man do I want to play Visions of Mana now.

posted by docower

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2024-06-09 15:30:10

And now our "divine beings" set of articles also includes Shiva.

That was about time, as the Final Fantasy XIV version of her was a part of the header image for so long, als already mentioned.

It's interesting to see how different the Final Fantasy Shiva and the one from Hinduism is.

posted by docower

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2024-06-07 14:09:01

Today there is a new addition to our divine beings - it's Undine!

Or rather an explanation of why there are so many RPG characters or elementals that are called something like her.

So that's our first addition to this little series, and there will be another one soon.

I mean, there is Shiva shown on the artwork of the series and there's no description of Shiva to be found. But that will change soon :)

posted by docower

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2024-05-20 15:17:37

Today marks the beginning of a new series in our "coverage" area - Divine Beings. I came up with the idea whilst researching for an article that should at some point appear over at Videospielgeschichten when it's eventually reopened.

I also revamped the layout here and there. Some of the blues are more intense, the header image has been changed (it now features a backdrop from Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth), the logo has been just slightly changed and there is a different header image for bright and dark mode.

posted by docower

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2024-05-08 17:54:36

I'm really looking forward to "Visions of Mana". My favorite gaming mag that's still in print (well - it's the only gaming mag still in print here in Germany) had a nice interview and preview about the game where the devs stated that the Trials of Mana remake was their idea of how a modern Mana game should look like. So that really looks promising.

Haccan did the art again, and we added some official images to our Seiken art gallery.

Of course, the images have been tuned up in quality and had their background removed :)

posted by docower

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