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2022-06-03 22:40:49

Yesterday, Square Enix released a new trailer about Final Fantasy XVI (not to be confused with XIV, on those Romans). The trailer doesn't tell much about the game, but right now it looks as if the game turns out to be a character action game. We'll se how it turns out to be.

I added some art to our Final Fantasy XVI gallery.

The trailer has some nice imagery, which will be shown below.

There was also a new Dragon Age game announced yesterday, so... yay!

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2022-06-01 20:28:16

Today for something totally different!

I added a new company profile - this time it's about Working Designs, the famous company that brought us westeners some great JRPGs back in the late 90s and early 2000s.

The company closed doors in 2005, but in recent years, players and hackers discovered how much Working Design tinkered around with the games.

Find out more in our company profile!

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2022-05-24 22:03:57

I usually don't make a big fuss about it, but did you know that rpg-o-mania has some extensive screenshot galleries?

Just take a look here!

I usually always upload screenshots from games I'm playing, and I also usually try to create nice screenshots. Some people call this "digital photographer".

But you see, we have a huge selection from some of the best RPGs - not only the over 900 Final Fantasy XIV screenshots, but also lots from "Tales of Vesperia", a game I'm currently playing!

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2022-05-20 20:29:54

Today I've added some artwork about Eiyuden Chronicle Rising.

I haven't bought the game when it was discounted during the Kickstarter campaign of Hundred Heroes, and I still haven't bought it on my own up until now.

I'm still skeptical (heh, maybe I should write a preview), but reviews are pretty positive up until now.

Well maybe sometimes I'm going to buy it. Right now it doesn't seem to appealing to me, although it has a really nice look.

And Ms Kawano's artworks really look great!

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2022-05-16 22:20:25

This month's sprite of the month is Fryderyk Chopin, a famous polish composer.

And he's also the main protagonist of a very good RPG, so that's why we decided he is the best choice for this category.

I'm also currently playing Tales of Vesperia, which offers a Chopin costume for one of the characters.

You can also check out our 16 year old review about the game here.

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