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2021-02-22 19:46:10

Nier is a mixed bag with games that many people love but I never laid my hands on them because they're just a bit too far off for my taste.

However, the art is great and so I added some pieces of artwork to our Nier gallery.

Maybe, at some time, I'm gonna try one of these games.

posted by docower

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2021-02-18 18:48:23

Today we only have a small update - it's a wallpaper of the upcoming Legend of Mana game on the Nintendo Switch.

I think that the Nintendo Direct yesterday was some sort of disappointment, since the titles shown there were really nothing special or unsuspected. Some friends are totally excited about the Famicom Detective games, though.

Even if it's not the most popular game, I'm looking forward to Legend of Mana. :)

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2021-02-17 19:18:13

Thanks to Kaoru, we have updated the Sakura Wars retrospective.

Now it also contains Shin Sakura Wars, and although I have never played a Sakura Wars game, I'm quite intrigued to see how this game would play. I think it could be my cup of tea.

And now for the bad german humour tax.

Who was responsible? Sakura Wars.


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2021-02-12 18:41:26

Some new images over at the Seiken Densetsu art gallery. There are some new, nice Trials of Mana images.

Basically, I had something different in mind for this update, but we've got lots of interesting content up in the next few weeks, it's not only art. So you can stay tuned what we might come up with.

I also have some nice articles from our friend Kaoru available, which will be covered in the next update.

posted by docower

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2021-02-10 18:15:50

Today I added some images to our newly created Valkyrie Profile gallery.

I always liked the Valkyrie Profile games, but I was never able to finish any of them.

The original Valkyrie Profile got too hard for me at some point in the middle of the game, and its successor had some pretty complex game structure that was a bit too much for me.

But I like the art, so here is the galley :)

posted by docower

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