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2021-08-28 20:13:50

If you look on the upper right corner, you can now see a little magnifying glass that, upon click, opens a search field where you can enter terms you want to search rpg-o-mania for.

I hope this little feature will help you navigating this site (which has significantly grown ever since it started again in 2018), even if the search features itself are somewhat limited.

Anyway, enjoy :)

posted by docower

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2021-08-20 20:25:23

There was a new Shining Force game announced. A real Shining Force game, with a trailer that played well known music from the old games and lots of old heroes shown in an art style similar to the original game.

It's being announced as a free to play mobile game - something I don't despise per se, but still there's something fishy about the game.

There's more explained in our preview!

posted by docower

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2021-08-16 20:30:45

I finally finished Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers. Now, I have finished the main campaigns plus all of the extra missions provided by patches of this fine RPG as it was released today.

I'm eager to play Endwalker when it's being published, and in the meantime, I will also try out some sidequests in FF14.

But for now, I will play some other RPGs in the meantime. I have played nothing else than FF14 since early February, so it's due time to play some other stuff!

I extended our Final Fantasy XIV review. You can read my thoughts on the latest expansion here.

posted by docower

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2021-08-13 18:51:13

The pictures, provided as wallpapers yesterday have today been added to our gallery of Final Fantasy XI artworks.

They're basically the cropped version of the wallpapers.

Aside of that, I'm still on my FF14 spree, so nothing new on that regard, heh. Although there would be so many new RPGs to enjoy. But I'll surely play some other RPGs again - in the future. :D

posted by docower

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2021-08-12 19:32:10

It's impressive that Final Fantasy XI, after 20 years, is still loved and played by many people.

Square Enix itself celebrates this little series by publishing wallpapers, which I also added to our newly created wallpaper gallery.

I once had a discussion with someone who loves Final Fantasy XI, and they told me that Final Fantasy XIV is no choice for die hard FF XI players since it's so toned down and easy compared to XI.

... I think it would be overwhelming for me 😅

posted by docower

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