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2019-05-14 08:57:40

Today I added some nice artworks from Suikoden Tierkreis, a game which was released on the Nintendo DS. This game only shared the name and the fact that there were 108 characters with Suikoden, otherwise it was a completely new game.

For me, the problem that you couldn't really wander around towns and only navigated in menus was some sort of no go, since it felt like those cheapo RPGs where you only navigate menus and commence battle.

This was also a problem I had with Shining Force CD, where ther was just no wandering around towns and exploring the world.

posted by docower

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2019-05-13 20:31:16

Haven't heard from me in some days now, have you?

Well sorry for the abscence; I was not really abscent, though. 😅 Right now I'm working again on the backend of rpg-o-mania to make things just a tad more comfortable, but I didn't succeed just yet. I also have ideas for great new reports, which I haven't finished. Well sigh, being a part time webmaster surely is time consuming sometimes.

But don't worry, more to come soon!

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2019-05-09 17:49:18

Today, I added some nice images to the Suikoden gallery. They're a nice collection of Suikoden II images, this time in a high resolution.

Could you believe that it's now 19 years ago that Suikoden II was released? And the last main title, Suikoden V, was released 14 years ago.

Time flies. Time really flies.

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2019-05-07 20:13:33

Another new wallpaper over at the Suikoden wallpaper gallery. I hope you like this one too, it looks a bit different in style.

That's all for today, this was just a short update because I felt like playing with Photoshop :)

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2019-05-06 20:06:22

Lots and lots of old and new wallpapers in the newly created Suikoden wallpaper gallery. There are some from old rpg-o-mania, and two new ones there.

The old ones will most probably not fit newer screens anymore, but maybe they can be used for mobile phones or tablets?

posted by docower

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