Trials of Mana class change guide

Written in 2020

This guide is for the remake version!

The guide is still work in progress, as not all of the information and best practices have been released yet. It will grow as time comes by and we gather more information.

So please feel free to check back regularly to find new information here - you can read all about it in the main page.

During the game, your character can change his character class two times. To perform a class change means that not only the characters colors and the avatar on the status screen will change; your character's upgrading process will change completely (for examples, the maximum stats or ultimate spell will be different). You don't neccessarily have to live with the new character design, though - the outfit can be switched at any time.

What clues do we have?

The class change in the Trials of Mana remake seems to be pretty close to the original. All of the classes have the same name as the SNES version released in the collection last year, and from the bits of information that has already surfaced, even some skills retain ther name. How exactly the class change is done and if the character levels whee the class change can be performed will be the same is still unknown.

So this guide will grow along with the release of Trials of Mana and my eventual playthrough.

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