Trials of Mana class change guide

Written in 2020, updated in 2024

This guide is for the remake version!

This guide has been written over a period of time and several playthroughs of this game. If you need information about the SNES version, click here.

During the game, your character can change their character class three times. To perform a class change means that not only the characters outfit and the avatar on the status screen will change; your character's upgrading process will change completely (for examples, the maximum stats or ultimate spell will be different). You don't neccessarily have to live with the new character design, though - the outfit can be switched at any time.

One Class change can be performed at Level 18 on any Mana Stone and the second one at a special Mana Statue at Level 38 - this time, a special item is required. This item can be required at the endgame dungeons. The third class change is part of a story that can be activated after the final boss has been beaten.

So in short, the class levels are:

  1. Class: Level 1
  2. Class (D or L): Level 18
  3. Class (DD, DL, LD, LL): Level 38 + Item from ??? seed
  4. Class: Bonus story after final boss has been beaten

The Level 4 class change

As written above, the Level 4 class change is available at a certain point of the game, and it can be activated without searching for items. The final class just combines the two Level 3 classes with an additional final blow that is kind of a combination of both classes.

Reverting class changes

In the Trials of Mana remake, unlike the SNES game, class changes can be undone if you noticed that you've chosen a wrong path. Several recommendations are listed in the character detail pages. You need special items, Scales of the Mana goddess, to perform the class reset, though.

Getting the ??? seeds

There are two ways of getting the ??? seeds required for the second class change at Level 38.

Treasure chests

In every Benevodon dungeon later on, you can find exactly one treasure chest that contains a ??? seed. The item provided there is random, and the item that will come out of the ??? seed at an inn will be determined when the treasure chest is opened. So if you want to make sure which item you get, follow the corresponding steps:

  1. Save your game
  2. Get into the dungeon, grab the chest
  3. Leave the dungeon, go to an inn and check out if you have the item you want
  4. If not, reload to step 2

Enemy item drops

If your treasure chest at inns is Level 4, sometimes enemies drop ??? seeds in the Benevodon dungeons. Especially good for dropping the ??? seeds are the Bee Queens in Wanderer Woods at the wood Benevodon.

Getting the skills

The following pages list a set of skills and spells for each character. However, these skills can only be obtained after spending certain skill points that can be assigned after a level up. If you want to have a specific spell or skill that is available for a certain class, but you are short on skill points, you can reassign these skill points in the night market of Beiser town.

For further details, please choose your character in the menu below.

The characters

Additional skills

There are a lot of skills that are not necessarily character specific and can be obtained either by just leveling up or by meeting certain characters. Gamers Heroes has collected a list of most (or all) skills that can be found in the game. Click here to see their list.

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