Trials of Mana class change guide

Written in 2004 as Seiken Densetsu 3 class change guide, reworked in 2019

During the game, your character can change his character class two times. To perform a class change means that not only the characters colors and the avatar on the status screen will change; your character's upgrading process will change completely (for examples, the maximum stats or ultimate spell will be different).

Your first class change will be when your character reaches level 18. It's quite easy that time. You have to go to any Mana Stone, "talk" with it and you can choose your class. In the character status screen, you can see the two options you'll have when performing your first class change. The second one is a different story. By choosing either the "Light" or "Dark" class of your character, you will automatically disable the possibility to shift into two of the four possible final classes. In one of the later dungeons, you'll receive "??? seeds", which will include one of the necessary items to perform the second class change. At level 38, you'll most probably have to change classes in the Mana Holyland. You got to have the item needed for your favourite class change in your ring menu. Sometimes it's hard to find the item you wanted, but with some patience you'll eventually gain it.

With the official release of "Trials of Mana" in 2019 came a new transaltion that's different from the fan translations people were used to. If the official translation differs from the fan one, both terms are mentioned in the form "official translation / fan translation".

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