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Quote: "The Retrospective-section [...] of RPG-O-Mania will give you detailed informations and history about current and past RPG series. Maybe you want to enjoy past memories, or you want to get informed about what you have missed."

This area is one of the oldest one here on rpg-o-mania, and it is also one that has and had been ditched several times. Basically, here you can find a short overview of games and series that we tried to bring in a more logical order. For instance, in Phantasy Star, there is a distinctive difference between the release date of the game and how they were arranged story wise.

Just click onto the games and find out about these series.

The series was originally created in 2000 by Peter Braun and in 2003 by DelSol. I have rewritten everything in 2019.

Game series

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