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2018-10-28 07:21:24

Octopath Traveler

After so many updates regarding this fine game, I finally concluded the corresponding review. We're still not finished with all of the Octopath updates (there are still some "lists" to do), so expect more to come sometime in the future.

Rating of games

The Octopath review above is rated as I rated many games in the past, with a decimal system you know from many other sites. But I have to admit that I'm not completely satisfied with this system since it doesn't value what the developers did good or bad, so I thought about how to give gamers a better impression of what the strenghts and weaknesses of RPGs are, and I'm working on a new rating system that will give you a more detailed info of those games. Sill nothing finished here, though.

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2018-10-22 10:33:00

Final Fantasy CC content

When I restarted the page here at the beginning of the year, I thought it was cool to have the old Final Fantasy:CC shrine online just as it was back when the page vanished in 2007.

But I realized that the pages were hardly readable on mobile phones, and that there was not so much content here anyway.

So I decided to remove the link to the shrine from the coverage page and instead recreate the only true additional info the shrine hosted - "Changes in development".

So the link to the page is gone (albeit not completely) and you can enjoy reading the changelog now from all platforms.

Octopath Traveler

In my last update, I wrote that I finished Octopath Traveler. It turns out that this was not true since there is another bonus dungeon at the end where can conclude a story that involves all characters once you met certain conditions in the subquests of the game.

When I entered the dungeon, I quickly realized that I'll never be able to finish this bonus story.

In this story, you have to fight eight bosses that you fought during the game, in a slightly stronger form and then the final bonus boss.

This sounds interesting, but for whatever reason, the developers thought it was funny to not include a save point there, so you have to fight all bosses and if you mess up at the final boss, you have to fight all eight again.

That's a real pity, because that's lots of buildup for the final boss you have to repeat every time you mess up.

So yeah, no true complete playthrough for me.

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2018-10-18 21:46:57

After 83 hours, I finally finished Octopath Traveler for the Switch.

You might have noticed that I played it since there were quite some updates about this particular game here on rpg-o-mania.

Strangely enough, even if I spent so many hours, I was never as connected to the game as I was with other titles. Somehow, however, I always sticked to it and had my share of fun with this one. Surely, the great soundtrack and fun battle system took their part in my playtime.

I captured all of the eight ending screens and decided to share them with you. They're in their own Octopath Ending gallery.

I thought it would be wise to put them into a own gallery to avoid accidental spoilers.

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2018-10-16 13:49:08

Oh my, almost a week since the last update. I'm currently preparing some new articles, which takes some time. However, you don't have to wait longer for new stuff.

I added some new Phantasy Star images to the corresponding new gallery. They are quite nice, some of them have already been used in some parts of this page.

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2018-10-10 20:42:27

Sometimes, there's time, and sometimes, there's no time... for updates. Times aside, now's the time for a bigger update.

I finally reviewed Skyrim (thus the new banner that appeared here a few days ago). I also drew some Skyrim artwork for you to enjoy.

I hope you like the different approach to a review this time. I won't do any fancy crazy all-so-different reviews all the time, but this one's a bit special.

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