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2020-02-03 20:26:07

I added a new Breath of Fire clan today:

The Iron Ogre clan.

I personally don't have much nostalgia for the Iron Ogres, as they didn't appear in so many of the games and I played Breath of Fire 1 way later than other entries.

Basically, I also wanted to do more in this update, but a lack of time prevented me from doing so. More to come soon, though :)

posted by docower

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2020-01-29 19:56:26

The Breath of Fire clans report has been extended again - today it's the Grassrunner Clan I covered.

When I started this report, I initially thought that Grassrunners and Forest Clan are the same, but it seems it's canon that there is a distinction between them. So it's only the dog likes today, and the wolf likes tomorrow or the day after!

posted by docower

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2020-01-28 20:07:23

We continue or series about the Breath of Fire clans today.

I added the Wing Clan and Woren Clan - two fan favorites within the Breath of Fire fandom.

You can check out my descriptions here, I hope you enjoy them!

posted by docower

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2020-01-27 20:17:50

I'm releasing the first part of a new project today -

Information about Breath of Fire clans.

The Breath of Fire series has this interesting concept where many of the people roaming the world are actually looking more like animals.

These are called "clans", and I thought I'd gather some information. Interestingly, I saw similar projects coming up on reddit and Twitter. This is my take on the clans.

More clans will come up soon :)

posted by docower

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2020-01-23 20:31:19

Square Enix just released a few character introduction trailers for the upcoming remake of Trials of Mana, which will be released some time in April (hopefully).

I checked out the trailers (which look nice, but are nothing too special), and extracted some of the nicer scenes as screenshots.

Ans so I put said screenshots in our new Trials of Mana screenshot gallery.

This is a first, usually I put exclusive screenshots into the corresponding galleries only after I played the game myself, but hey, these screenshots are also kind of exclusive. And I can't wait to play Trials of Mana!

posted by docower

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