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2018-10-04 20:25:01

Say hello to another chapter of "updates the webmaster likes but no one else cares". You can now direct link to my news entries. Just click on the link below this post! Hooray!

Next time, it's back to new content again, promise.

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2018-10-02 11:58:23

After some content updates and our Octopath list of things, It's time again for some media updates. I found some nice Final Fantasy images that fit niceliy to the upcoming Final Fantasy XII on the Nintendo Switch.

My friend Sascha played it just recently and enjoyed it as I did back in 2006.

It seems that Final Fantasy XII didn't receive as much love as the former Final Fantasies (at least up until FFX), but I think it has some nice ideas, a compelling story and a Soundtrack that is nice even if it's one not composed by Nobuo Uematsu.

On another note, news said that Mr. Uematsu had to halt all activities due to an illness - I hope it's nothing critical and that he will be able to get well soon.

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2018-09-29 10:51:29

With the new Octopath List, we have finally finished the available weaponry in Octopath Traveler.

However, I need to update it soon to state where all of the Weapons that can't be purchased in shops can be located. So I have still lots of work to do :)

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2018-09-27 10:23:45

It took some days, but finally things changed. So what did I do?

First of all, if your browser cache doesn't play you any tricks, you should see a new banner on top of this page. This is the first time I replaced the banner since the relaunch in January (although I tweaked the old one a few times), but this is a completely new one this time. I hope one can see that the castle shown is from Skyrim, namely the town of Whiterun.

But why Skyrim? I'm preparing some specials for the future, and one thing will be a extensive review - which will also cover the screenshots I prepared in this Skyrim gallery.

But don't be afraid, I won't start to make galleries from my own playthroughs. I just thought it would be nice if you can already take a little peek inside of what's going to come up soon.

Of course I haven't forgotten the Octopath lists, which will continue soon.

What a lenghty news entry. Let's go on with stuff - DocOwer off! :D

Update 2019-0-27: It seems I was so enthusiastic yesterday about the news that I messed up spelling and grammar. I corrected this now - hopefully.

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2018-09-22 10:18:14

Ah finally. We have the next list of Octopath things online, now it's a list of all the bows.

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