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2018-07-30 20:13:18

In the midst of the heat wave of 2018, I fixed a teeny little problem in the news archive where the oldest news haven't been shown. I fixed this now.

Sadly, no new content today. But maybe a little cheer?

Woohoo, all you rpg-o-manians, you're great!

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2018-07-28 08:03:30

Since its relaunch of rpg-o-mania, roughly eight months have passed. And I'm very happy to announce that another historical section of this page has been reopened. Slowly, rpg-o-mania is going to be bigger than ever before. Today we celebrate the return of the wallpapers.

Right now, there aren't too many wallpapers online - there are two new ones to be found in the new mobile Breath of Fire and mobile Xenoblade galleries. I also updated all of the really old 1999-2000 wallpapers.

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2018-07-23 18:45:52

I finished my series on RPG and pop culture now with my second page about pop songs included in RPGs or RPG songs performed by famous artists. This list is still a bit short but I plan on expanding it whenever I stumble upon anything interesting!

One of the next updates will include a section that has not been added to the new rpg-o-mania - Wallpapers! Stay tuned!

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2018-07-17 21:58:45

Okay, it seems that my series of articles takes some more time. Instead of postponing the updates again, I thought I'd do the same that I did with the Xeno pages and the recommendations - I publish them bit by bit.

So over at the coverage section, you will find a new "pop culture and rpgs" page link that leads to this page.

Here you will find some bits of trivia and information about how pop culture, pop songs and rpgs interact with each other. It all starts with a few bits of music that seems to be inspired one way or the other.

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2018-07-15 20:50:56

Just a short notice - the set of articles I'm currently working on take up some time, but now I have the information and can prepare anything in time. So be prepared to have a new set of reports online here soon. :)

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