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2018-09-14 20:14:45

Again, the Octopath lists of things have been updated. This time, I added the daggers. I also noticed that it is quite uncertain where some items can be obtained in my list (in contrast to the Google document), so I will rework the tables soon so that they can show you where you can steal or purchase equipment.

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2018-09-12 20:15:50

Basically, I wanted to continue with my Octopath Traveller list of things, but I had some stressful days again and Square decided to remaster Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on the PS4 and the Nintendo Switch game consoles, so I couldn't resist.

Here is the old FF:CC art gallery again. Now I think I have to redo the old FF:CC shrine...

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2018-09-09 11:06:28

Let's continue with Octopath lists of things. Now you can find an overview of all the spear weapons online!

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2018-09-07 19:19:50

At long last, more content and not just art. Yaay.

I started to compile information for Octopath Traveler. You see, as great as this game is, it bugs me a little that there is no overview of which shop has what items. It's not even clear what grade of equipment you can get anywhere. For instance, there are towns where you start your journey that already have high-level, expensive equipment.

In a German forum, someone posted a link to a Google spreadsheet document where someone collected all the information about weapons, armor and so on. This spreadsheet is great, but hard to read on notebooks, tablets or even smartphones.

So I thought I'd copy this information (of course while linking to the original document), cut a few details and present the information to you in a way that's easier to read. If you know the author of the doc, please let me know, I'd be happy to mark them.

You can find the first table (more to come soon) here!

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2018-09-05 07:32:28

*sigh*, I'm sorry for another lazy art update. I added some images to the newly created Octopath Traveler gallery.

I have so much new and unique content in mind, but these days, I simply lack time to create all of this content. But don't worry, everything will come up online here - eventually.

Update 2018-09-05: I obviously had so little time yesterday that I totally messed up with wording and grammar of my news entry. *sigh* again.

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