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Written in 2005, updated in 2021

Even though graphics are pretty good in modern RPGs, the music of a console RPG still makes most of its atmosphere. If the right music is played at the right moment, it can control your emotions more than anything else. In japanese games, there has been a culture established, where not only the music of a RPG became popular, but the artist as well.

Same goes for the art design. What would Dragon Quest be without the famous art of Akira Toriyama, Suikoden without Junko Kawano or most "Tales of" games without the iconic character design by Kosuke Fujishima?

Yet, even if the names of artists like Akira Toriyama, Nobuo Uematso or Yasunori Mitsuda are spreading through the world, there's often not much known about these great guys whose music made us laugh, cry, angry or sad.

This is why this section has been created. It's not meant as a complete coverage about the musicians, it just gives you a handful of infos about them. Also, the gameography is not complete. Many RPG musicians made music for a big variety of games, while the gameography here only lists the RPGs they participated in. Anyway, I hope you'll have fun reading this. Now, please select your musician below.

Please note: I used some pictures of these people on the pages linked above. They may infringe a copyright, so please notify me if I did so.

The musicians

The artists

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