Written in 2005

It is not always easy to determine who created the music. One of the most difficult examples is Mr. Uwabo. In all of his games, he just uses abbreviations of synonyms for his name, so it is very difficult to tell who actually created the soundtracks of the games you just listened to. This is really a pity, since he is a very talented musician and his soundtracks always rivaled the quality of even the most talented and renown musicians.

Even the period when he was an active VGM composer is uncertain. Various sources in the net say that he was first credited in 1986 and the last time in 1994, he was credited in the games as "Mr. Bo", "Bo", "Hairy Uwa", "T. Uwabo"or "Noah Toku". In the last games where he took part in the sound composition, he was credited as part of "Sega Sound Team".

What happened afterwards, no one knows. At least until 2003. Up to then, it was unsure whether he still composed VGM or retired from the scene, there's no report about that written on the net. In the RPG-scene, Mr. Uwabo was most renown for his soundtracks of the "Phantasy Star" games. The online episodes, however, have not been composed by him.

There are remakes of Phantasy Star I and II out there in Japan, with arranged music of the original games. Many gamers who liked the soundtracks of "Bo" were curious if the new soundtracks were created by "Bo" as well - and the credits actually pointed out that the music was created by him. He is still pretty good, I have to admit.

We all should hope that this was not just something temporarily and that, in the future, we can listen to more Soundtracks of Tokuhiko Uwabo again.

Uwabo, Tokuhiko
Born ??, ????
Most famous composition: Phantasy Star series.

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