Yasunori Mitsuda

Written in 2005

Yasunori Mitsuda is most famous for his Soundtracks in Squares' Chrono Series and the Music of Xenogears/-saga. He got Piano lessons at a very young age, but it is said he didn't take it too seriously. Yet, he always wanted to do something with music.

So unlikely Nobuo Uematsu, he enrolled in a music college. He turned out to be a musical workaholic, so his instructors helped him to get a Job at Square-Enix. After doing some work as a sound engeneer, in 1995 he got the chance to compose the Music of Chrono Trigger.

Mr. Mitsuda stayed within the team and was responsible for the Soundtrack of Xenogears. After Monolith Software split up with Square and became independent, Yasunori Mitsuda continued to work for them and later on created the music for Xenosage Episode 1 and 2.

With the help of Nobuo Uematsu, his first Soundtrack was extraordinary good. He did the majority of the work, but considering his following soundtracks, you'll notice that it lacks the support of a mentor. Anyway, the latest soundtracks Yasunori Mitsuda made are very good and very mature.

Mitsuda, Yasunori
Born January 21st, 1972
Most famous composition: Xenosaga.

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