The present

Written in 2019

Wait, what? There was no new console generation in 2018, why divide the "present" era of the recommendations here?

The reason is pretty simple - I just split between "Before rpg-o-mania restarted" and "After rpg-o-mania restarted". Basically, the generations are still the same.

One difference is that starting in 2018, some of the companies that were declared "dead" in the last generation started to reactivate some of their game series (like Capcom, no new Breath of Fire though), and others tried more new games and started releasing new ideas again.

You'll see that some games are basically older than 2018, so it really is a soft separation I did here. If you have any additions to this list - just contact me here.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (Nintendo Switch, 2017)

This game was the big christmas hit for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. And what a hit it was - we rewarded the game a whopping 90%. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was the latest installation of the famous Xeno series.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is an action oriented RPG with lots of things to do, an intense storyline, a huge and fun to play DLC and so much more.

What makes this game really ageless is its great soundtrack, the spoken dialogue and the absolutely impressive anime style visuals. Some characters really look hand drawn and the cutscenes are just as nicely done as the rest of the game.

After the credits rolled, I thought to myself that I might never again play such a great RPG. And I still think that this game is amongst the ranks of the bst RPGs available.

Dragon's Dogma (Nintendo Switch, 2019)

This game by Capcom was originally released in 2014, but eventually re-released on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 as a deluxe package with all DLCs included.

This game, not unlike Dark Souls is a western style RPG by a japanese developer. It has a pretty realistic visual style and is just as mission oriented as other western RPGs. Yet it has some interesting aspects to the story. We liked it a lot.

The game has an interesting aspect where players can exchange party members, and party members that also fight in the world of another player gain experience and equipment there. It's an interesting feat but honestly, this is not an ageless feature - once the servers are shut down, there is no possibility anymore to utilize this feature.

Aside of that, the game has good visuals, a good soundtrack, action oriented gameplay, lots of things to discover and many possible playthroughs to experience. It's a game that's as playeble in 2019 as it was in 2014, and I doubt this will change in 2030.

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