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Written in 2018

When I began working on this article, I thought of calling it "The decline of japanese RPGs", as this website always focused on RPGs made by japanese companies. I had the feeling that somehow the market declined, since many big names were lost in the beginning of 2018 - Suikoden, Grandia, Lunar... many of the series that rpg-o-mania celebrated are now gone.

However, on second thought, I realized how many RPGs of western developers I have played in the past few years and how different the games have become. Even those of developers that are still located in Japan.

After asking around in reddit groups and various German forums, I thought that it would be nicer to recommend good games. This also should represent how the genre has changed over the time, and what's nice to play.

Just click onto one of the eras listed below and find some games I would recommend as well as a description of that respective era. This list will grow in the future and I'll make sure to let you know when another game will be added!

Please note, the games are meant to be played in modern times. So the recommendations have been written with the thought in mind that they aged at least good enough that you can enjoy them in these days. I will always update the list and keep it up to date!

The eras

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