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Written in 2019


rpg-o-mania (Version 13)

In late 2017, after I finished the websites about my books, I decided that I wanted to restart rpg-o-mania. So I took the basic layout of my website "Die Legende von Relsh", changed it from SHTML to php and started moving the content from the old RPG-O-Mania 12 to this new page.

This took quite some time since the html of the old website was messed up, parts of it being the same code I wrote in 1999. It didn't help much that my old rpg-o-mania versions were made using Dreamweaver, which is not known for creating clean html. So I copied or even re-typed almost all of the content in the last few months of 2017.

And after I was finally done, with about 80% of the content from RPG-O-Mania 12, I reopened the page. It still behaved like a classic web site, including a splash screen, but I got rid of this soon and started modernizing the page.

I created a backend where I was able to manage art and wallpapers, news and media files, I started to make browsing news more convenient and I started writing so much stuff - review, reports an so on.


And so, slowly but steadily, rpg-o-mania 13 became the biggest version of this site that ever existed. Art was added piece by piece after I made sure that I have the rights to reporduce and share art. Lots of exclusive art was added (although I'm not so convinced about my quality as an artist) and lots of other reviews, reports and so on were added

Given there is not so much social media interaction by me, the visitor counter of rpg-o-mania is very satisfying, and so the story of this site continues.

I thought a lot about what might happen if I do not have enough time for frequent updates in the future. I decided that if such a time ever comes again, rpg-o-mania will be put into maintenance mode for the time being. But this time, the page will not go down so soon, for realz!!1


The story continued in an almost boring fashion. New content was added to rpg-o-mania bit by bit, with the focus being equally distributed on special artwork, individually created wallpapers, reviews, and a heavy focus on the special reports in the coverage section.

One special occassion in this year was the release of the Trials of Mana remake. As rpg-o-mania was very famous with the classic Trials of Mana class change, the visitor count skyrocketed after Trials of Mana came out, with up to 3000 people surfing rpg-o-mania per day during that time.

Other than that, rpg-o-mania 13 still was the dominant version (for over two years now) and was continously developed.

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