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2024-03-30 21:43:34

Star Ocean 2 R didn't really catch with me. I never really got into the item creation, and without the item creation, the game sometimes is pretty difficult. Maybe that's just not my cup of tea.

Artwork, however, is my cup of tea, and Square Enix released some nice artworks together with the release of this games' patch.

So, if you enjoy(ed) the game and the artwork, that's a double win for you!

Find them in the art gallery here.

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2024-03-17 16:59:03

Square Enix released a lot of artwork for SaGa: Emerald Beyond over the course of the past weeks, and I thought I'd share them - over in or SaGa gallery.

The game is still kind of intriguing to me, but as I said numerous times before, I'm a bit afraid of too experimental RPGs. And SaGa is the epiphamy of experimental games.

As soon as a review of this game pops up in our reviews section, you know one of us played it, eventually.

Right now my enthusiasm is a bit lower than it was before, as the render / ingame models you can see in the gallery are somewhat... underwhelming. In my opinion, at least.

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2024-02-29 19:19:44

I expanded our love and RPGs section a bit - the page of all-out-relatioships, meaning the couples in RPGs that actually got together, married and even had children.

For this, I added famous Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2 as well as Mio and Noah from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Please make sure that you've played both these games before clicking onto the link.

I just put our spoilershield before that, just to make sure :)

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