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2022-01-21 19:33:11

Although I started playing Final Fantasy XIV again, I'm still thinking about the time I enjoyed with Ys the past weeks. So I added a few great official images to the Ys gallery.

You know, I thought about writing a special moment from our "moments" section for Ys IX, but honestly, even if the game was generally very good, I can't really name a moment that impacted me like the other moments displayed there. I still wonder why that is.

If I have any insight in my own feelings, I'll let you know here on this website! :D

posted by docower

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2022-01-14 16:21:48

So again, belated happy new year!

I'm still very busy in family terms, but I was finally able to compose my first article for this year!

It's a review about Ys IX: Monstrum Nox, a game where I honestly didn't expect anything at all, but which surprised me a lot, and in a positive way.

See details in our review!

I'm trying my best to offer new content soon!

posted by docower

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2022-01-11 21:20:54

I'm not dead, if anyone's wondering.

In fact, I have some nifty articles up my sleeve, but family affairs right now prevent me from writing anything more than this little news box.

But rpg-o-mania is still here, and will be back with loads of new content soon!

And for all, I wish you a happy 2022, may it turn out to be great!

posted by docower

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2021-12-21 20:03:44

Oh it's just funny how a new game from Square Enix creates the longest gallery title I ever used here on rpg-o-mania. It's about "Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise", or the other way around, how Square Enix prefers it.

It seems to be a very bleak and dark action RPG that they did in cooperation with Koei Tecmo, and I uploaded the artwork to our newly created Stranger of Paradise gallery.

I'm indeed a bit curious how this game might turn out to be.

posted by docower

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