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2020-04-07 21:00:37

This is a small and a big update at the same time.

Small, because there are only two new things online. Big, because creating those things caused me lots of work. So please enjoy two new Trials of Mana wallpapers.

They're basically the same wallpaper, but one has a grainy effect (which I like) and one is cleaner without that effect. Choose whichever you like!

posted by docower

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2020-04-06 22:59:15

I reviewed a game I had high hopes for, but in the end, didn't like as much:

Feda - the Emblem of Justice.

Why I didn't like a game that's so much like a game I love - find it out in our review.

I'm still a bit disappointed. Sigh.

posted by docower

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2020-04-04 17:32:18

Today I added some higher quality images of the original Nier game.

I'm still not really sure if I'd be able to like the Nier games. The gameplay looks a bit weird, but on the other hand, the game also looks kinda appealing.

For me, the original Nier looks a tad more interesting than the second one (Automata), so I'm waiting for the remake of the original one to see if I like it. You'll find out here at rpg-o-mania if such a thing actually occured.

Until then, just enjoy the art :)

posted by docower

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2020-04-02 20:47:15

"So much done, so little to see". Well, today was just another maintenance update. After I realized that the load times of the gallery page increased tremendously, I did the same for the wallpapers gallery. And while I was on it, I also fixed an issue with the Fire Emblem wallpapers not showing up from time to time.

So it's all little tweaks and fixes today. I still hope your day is as great as possible!

posted by docower

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