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2023-09-22 18:02:00

Square Enix, along with some information about their newest Final Fantasy 7 remake entry, released some nice art about this new game.

I added that to our Final Fantasy VII Rebirth art gallery.

It's being reported that the game doesn't allow to transfer a save from the first Final Fantasy 7 remake. Honestly, that looks somewhat interesting to me. I liked the original story, but I didn't like the thought of running around in Midgar for a full games' worth of time.

Maybe I'll pick the second one. But then, I'm not a huge fan of what the Final Fantasy 7 saga has become.

posted by docower

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2023-09-18 18:30:39

It's already online for two days, but I wasn't able to update the corresponding news - I extended our Xenoblade 3 review by its expansion, "Future Redeemed".

The expansion itself doesn't add anything to the (already high) score of 98%, but it was a very good example of how a story could be concluded. Details can be found in our review!

posted by docower

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2023-09-14 18:25:46

As part of today's Nintendo Direct show, Square Enix announced "SaGa Emerald Beyond".

You know, I never played lots of SaGa games. I got fairly far into SaGa Frontier 2, and I once played SaGa Frontier 1 for about an hour or so, but that was it.

Those games were always a bit too experimental for me.

But this newest game looks quite promising. I like the art style, the visual style and how the game is generally being presented.

Maybe I'll compose a review once it's out as a demo or so.

Up until then, just enjoy the nice artwork SquareEnix has published.

posted by docower

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2023-09-13 20:02:34

Just a little this and that. I added some art to the Xeno-galley. One image is new, the other one is a replacement of another one in inferior quality.

I also replaced the artwork in our Xenoblade Chronicles 3 review, as the more blurry one was used there.

posted by docower

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