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2020-07-08 20:36:58

Today I added a list of reasons why Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles is great, even if our review only suggests a "good" game.

I thought it's interesting to start such an article now that the HD rerelease of the game is coming soon.

Now, with the clumsy Gameboy Advance Multiplayer setup out of the way, it should be possible for everyone to enjoy the game together with friends. I'm curious if the general reception of this nice game will improve as well.

posted by docower

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2020-07-07 09:26:41

Some little changes in our "showcases" area on the main page. To be honest, when I first released the showcases, it was just fiddled right into HTML by me; but now it is changed so that it loads the acutal showcases dynamically. You can also now choose to show random showcases, but at the moment only the five you see exist. More will come with each content update.

I also fixed some errors in our history page 2, but I think that's of minor interest to most of you 😅

Thanks again to Zargkhon for pointing out an error at the showcases where the images I've choosen as thumbnails didn't fit properly.

posted by docower

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2020-07-05 13:29:26

We're still in the progress of reworking rpg-o-mania here and there. Today I added a nifty "Showcase" to be the first thing you see when you look at the page. If things look a bit strange to you, just wait until your browser reloaded everything - or refresh yourself. You need to completely refresh the page, though. :)

The website should look like this: