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2022-08-08 21:40:23

Square Enix announced a remake of Tactics Ogre - Tactics Ogre Reborn.

The game is set to be released on modern PlayStation consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch and the PC.

It's honestly nothing for me as I want my RPG elements even in tactical RPGs, but in the end, the art looks fine, so I had to create a corresponding gallery for it.

posted by docower

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2022-08-05 18:40:57

Some more "Shining" stuff today, this time it's about Shining The Holy Ark and Shining Force III - all neatly stored in our Shining gallery, just as yesterday.

Some of these images don't have the quality we're usually uploading here on rpg-o-mania, but they're basically the only ones available right now.

posted by docower

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2022-08-04 19:21:59

I found some nice Shining Wisdom artwork and decided to upload it into our "Shining" gallery.

I never really played much Shining Wisdom, as it has a strange look to it. Its pre-rendered sprites look like they've been made from plastic while the surrounding visuals have more of a (rather sterile) SNES look to them.

But maybe I'll give it another go in the future, as I still have the game to my disposal.

posted by docower

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2022-08-03 22:39:19

Oh my, I updated stuff and then I only announced the news on Twitter.

This is especially ironic as I'm not really a fan of social media per se.

After I watched a Game Sack episode, I notice that I was a bit unjust to Working Designs in our company profile - I fixed that and updated the Working Designs report.

I'm also playing Shining The Holy Ark these days, and I started to fill up our screenshot gallery for that game.

posted by docower

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