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2019-10-14 10:26:52

We continue our series of battle systems with the elephant in the room that just has not been addressed yet.

Now the list of battle systems is extended with the famous Active Time Battle system that has been used in Final Fantasy 4 - 9, 13, Chrono Trigger, Lost Sphear and more.

posted by docower

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2019-10-13 19:18:54

Yo, so I recently stumbled upon some of the Screenshots Square Enix published for its Final Fantasy VII remake. I found some of them interesting, and I especially liked three screenshots that contained portraits of some characters

So I made some wallpapers out of them. As usual, without any watermark and copyright information.

This probably won't help my visitor counter, but you can have great desktop wallpapers from this allegedly fine game.

posted by docower

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2019-10-12 11:54:02

Today continues the series of remade Suikoden runes.

I'm still trying to get all the runes requested on reddit done, and the next one is famous Jeane's charm rune.

So yeah, have fun with it!

posted by docower

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2019-10-10 09:27:57

Oh wow, this was more work than I had imagined beforehand.

There's a new Suikoden rune redone online - the Twilight Rune.

It's close to the original, but not as close as other runes were that I already remade. Nevertheless, given the complex look of the rune, I think it's okay and it was fun to make :)

posted by docower

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