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2019-11-09 22:54:40

Although I am such a big fan of Shining Force, strangely enough never ever did I publish a review of that game here.

But well, then this should be it - here it is: Our Shining Force review, filled with the extra amount of fandom. I tried to stay objective, though.


posted by docower

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2019-11-06 19:27:40

We're still on a Grandia spree, and as promised yesterday, I added another special moment to our list of moments. It's of a later part in the game (that makes it a Spoiler! of course).

I really like this game. I think we're in into some more Grandia stuff the next few updates :)

posted by docower

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2019-11-05 20:06:38

Well, my new job has started and as I thought, I'm a bit on a tight schedule these days. I have something nice in the update pipeline, but I have to ask you to wait some more days.

Until then, why don't you take a look at our Grandia screenshots gallery (that includes some Spoilers!) They're from my current play through on the Nintendo Switch console.

I'm going to add my thoughts to our Grandia HD collection review after I finished it.

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2019-11-02 09:19:57

After some days of work, today I reactivated the midi music section. Since I restarted rpg-o-mania in early 2018, I always thought if it would be useful nowadays to still offer midi files. Rarely anyone listens to them anymore, and on Macs, you even need apps to get them to play back.

But they're an essential part of rpg-o-mania's history, and I got in touch with midi composers back then to have their ok to post them here. So I thought why not, this page would be incomplete without them.

The way how midis are listed has been created completely from scratch by me, but I thought it would be a nice touch if it would look and feel similar to the way my friend Wite coded the script back in 2005.

So yeah, it's more like nostalgia, but if you have a Windows PC or the appropriate apps on the Mac, you can still listen to most of these tunes.

On another note - on monday, I will begin a new job and I don't know if I can keep up with updates about new stuff for some time. So don't worry if you don't get daily updates on rpg-o-mania :)

posted by docower

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