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2021-11-22 19:53:18

Today we have some special art made by Yoshitaka Amano.

It's about Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI.

Those artworks have recently been found on a 1999s Square Press CD.

You can find the whole pack of CDs on the Internet Archive

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2021-11-16 20:54:38

I added some more Shin Megami Tensei V art today.

The game looks more and more interesting to me, to be honest. I might as well try it out when I finished my current playthrough of Shining Force 2.

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2021-11-15 22:16:53

I'm currently playing Shining Force II again. It's a fun playthrough, and I recommend checking out our screenshots gallery if you're interested in some screenshots about the game.

They're a bit blurry, though, since I'm playing the game as part of the Sega Mega Drive collection on the Nintendo Switch, which has horrible emulation, to be honest.

Anyway, it's a great game that I thoroughly enjoy, and I added another chapter to our Shining Force tips, this time I cover how players could handle computer controlled Peter, who can be a nuisance.

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2021-11-08 18:59:53

Just today, Square Enix announced that the release of Endwalker, the newest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, will be postponed by two weeks.

Well I don't mind, I have enough things to do. :)

But they also released some new nice art which I uploaded to our Final Fantasy XIV art gallery.

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