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2020-11-21 23:25:13

So today I added a preview for an upcoming Gameboy Color game: Coria and the Sunken City.

I never had thought that an announcement of a game for this platform sparks so much interest within me.

If you're curious - check out or preview why we like so much what we've seen until now!

posted by docower

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2020-11-20 09:12:55

Square Enix nowadays surely has strangely named games within their games library.

There's this mobile game "Final Fantasy Brave Exvius", which I don't personally care about. But Square Enix announced a special event with some Final Fantasy IV characters, and they posted some nice art regarding this game.

So here we have it - nice Final Fantasy IV art.

posted by docower

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2020-11-13 20:14:53

Today we finish our series about the reworked Trials of Mana (SNES) artwork.

These images are widely shown in various placed around the web, and the people from the Seiken Fandom Wiki also redid them in their own way. You can go there or just enjoy our refurbished art here.

And again, stay as healthy as you can!

posted by docower

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2020-11-11 11:59:34

A quick update today.

There's a new image there over at the Seiken / Mana gallery.

It's a promotional image provided by Square Enix to promote Trials of Mana's 25th birthday. :)

posted by docower

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