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2021-04-13 21:28:55

Today I have a special moment about a game I'm currently playing - Final Fantasy XIV.

It was one of the rare occassions I was really astonished and called out "whoa" loud. If you want to, you can read more about it in our special moments article.

The link is spoiler shielded :)

posted by docower

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2021-04-08 23:02:13

As I just finished Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn (the extended storyline) today, I'm still in a FF14 mood, and so I added some stuff.

There are some new wallpapers and art pieces online.

And I guess more FF14 stuff to follow the next few updates :)

posted by docower

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2021-04-04 22:42:33

After our review, I took a deeper look into Ni No Kuni's battle system, as it was such a mess.

I'm currently playing Tales of Vesperia as a side RPG, and it's incredible how much more accessible this renown RPG is. I think Level 5 just wanted to create a new experience in Ni No Kuni, and when they noticed that it doesn't work, they tried to fix it without redoing it.

It worked. Somehow. Check our article for details!

posted by docower

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2021-03-27 19:20:47

Today I added a report about a very remarkable boss fight - the final one of the game Indivisible against Kala.

You can see our little description here.

I rarely give boss fights a try that cost me more than two hours, but in the case of Indivisible, that's been absolutely worth it. On the other hand, would I ever try to finish that boss again? No, I think not. 😅

posted by docower

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