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2021-07-25 11:07:34

Today I have added some super nice, super high quality images to our Final Fnatasy XIV art gallery.

They're from the Endwalker extension this time, an addon that hasn't been released yet.

The past few days, there was a huge influx of other players into the FFXIV servers, but the team behind the game fixed that quite well. I'm continuing to play the game :)

posted by docower

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2021-07-18 18:51:18

Today, I added a special moment where I don't know for how many people this moment actually is special. 😅

In Shining Force, wenn status values exceed 100, the display changes to "??", and I think this is so special since in Shining Force 1, ?? values were only reserved for enemies, whereas they could be achieved in Shining Force 2.

Details in the article linked above :)

Thanks again to Fantasy Anime for helping out with screenshots and artwork.

posted by docower

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2021-07-14 18:56:09

For a long time now, I wanted to write down how we design our reviews here at rpg-o-mania.

Truth be told, it took me quite some time to compose this little explanatory text that can be accessed now via the reviews section:

How to fairly rate a game.

I hope this makes understanding our reviews a little easier. And it's a statement of how we think a review should be designed.

posted by docower

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2021-07-08 19:31:07

Even if I'm playing FF14 right a madman these days, I'm still looking around to find interesting content about other RPGs.

And what would be the closest thing to look at if not the "predecessor" to FF14, which is still online and running just nicely now, in 2021.

There is some nice new art in the Final Fantasy XI gallery.

posted by docower

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