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2023-05-22 17:27:14

Today, we reviewed Castle of the Underdogs, a small RPG that plays a lot with Suikoden nostalgia.

We received a key of the Switch version for free, but this didn't change the rating in the review at all of course.

I like the art, this seems to have been commissioned from a very talented artist. The visuals remind me a tad too much of Minecraft personally.

But overall, it was a very pleasant experience.

posted by docower

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2023-05-11 20:36:32

I won't be able to play "Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom" anytime soon, but for those who are, I've got some wallpapers for you.

Based on the official artwork, I composed some wallpapers.

Here they are for desktop screens and here they are for mobile screeens.

They should be big enough for any device so that you can arrange them as you like :)

posted by docower

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2023-05-01 20:27:11

Today we finished creating the Xenoblade 3 PNG artworks - meaning, the official artworks with transparent backgrounds. You can find the rest in our Xeno gallery.

I also updated our "Best version" page of Final Fantasy VI.

After playing the "Pixel remaster" edition I decided that this is the best version. It has the better translation, crisp visuals, a great soundtrack and it looks nice on 16:9. The only drawbacks is stuttering scrolling and missing content when compared to the GBA version.

posted by docower

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2023-04-16 10:09:46

I had some time this morning and removed the backgrounds from even more Xenoblade Chronicles 3 artworks.

I think they've come out pretty well, although the original images weren't so great in quality.

It's a pity that Nintendo can't decide how to treat rpg-o-mania.

I've talked to representatives from Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo US, and they all like this magazine a lot.

But Nintendo of Germany can't grant full press access as the website is in English, Nintendo of Europe demands that the website is German and Nintendo US points towards Nintendo of Europe as they're not responsible for websites outside of, well, America.

We still love their games here, though :)

posted by docower

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