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2020-01-23 20:31:19

Square Enix just released a few character introduction trailers for the upcoming remake of Trials of Mana, which will be released some time in April (hopefully).

I checked out the trailers (which look nice, but are nothing too special), and extracted some of the nicer scenes as screenshots.

Ans so I put said screenshots in our new Trials of Mana screenshot gallery.

This is a first, usually I put exclusive screenshots into the corresponding galleries only after I played the game myself, but hey, these screenshots are also kind of exclusive. And I can't wait to play Trials of Mana!

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2020-01-19 19:29:40

Since our friend Kaoru mentioned on Twitter that he didn't ever play Undertale, I thought that it would be cool if I'd add the very interesting battle system to our list of battle systems.

So here it is.

I honestly didn't know where to categorize it, so I put it under "semi action", because technically it has turns, but on the other hand is very action oriented...

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2020-01-18 19:23:09

Let's get it on with the regular updates, right? I created a new gallery today, the Tales of-Gallery. I started with a couple of images from Tales of Vesperia. I was reminded that this game exists because there's a sale about it, and that reminded me that we have no Tales of stuff here on rpg-o-mania - except our review from Tales of Symphonia.

Other than that, I added a new link to the Links section - it's to Kimimi's Blog, a blog full of interesting game stuff. I like to browse through her pages, and so should you! :)

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2020-01-17 21:02:17

Hello there,

nothing special content wise today - a few new Final Fantasy XII screenshots, that's all.

Well, not really.

I'm soo happy to announce that I was finally able to retrieve the domain again. This was the main domain this page was available at during the 2000s.

I won't set it to be the main domain anymore, since I paid for a valid certificate of, and all of the current links are set to .com. But anyway, if you enter in your browser, you will reach this page.

Finally. I'm happy, now this page feels more complete again.

Thanks for reading this stuff, see you in the next update!

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