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2020-05-28 21:20:39

So for 20 years now, we are huge fans of Trials of Mana. And now since the original game has been officially released in the west by Square Enix as well as the remake - let's take a look which version is best.

Click here to see our report!

I have to admit that I had to recommend the remake, thanks to some online discussion. Find out more in our article :)

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2020-05-25 21:41:10

So many friends always recommend the Persona series to me, and I have never played it that much.

For this update, I have no news regarding that aspect, but now we have a Persona gallery!


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2020-05-23 21:04:06

Today I added two great Suikoden 2 Gaiden scans, which I optimized just a little for better image quality.

And I also reworked the layout of this page, since I noticed that I had an error all along in the code of this page that caused Safari on MacOS to incorrectly rescale the pages here... but it's nothing too big. :)

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2020-05-22 20:48:39

Again small updates to our Trials of Mana remake class change guide.

I added some tidbits about the Level 4 class change this time.

So that's that, now the guide is almost complete, I think. Well if you don't count all the mistakes I've surely made :)

posted by docower

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