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2021-01-18 22:29:42

I'm still in search of a pretty new Shining Force game. I loved "Resurrection of the Dark Dragon", but this game is now over 16 years old.

The people from Loreweaver Studios now develop an attempt in such a game that also wants to incorporate more modern game mechanics and add some Fire Emblem flavor. It's called War of Velana and we reviewed it!

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2021-01-12 20:21:11

Today I added a page to our Towns in RPGs series. It's about Budehuc Castle.

I wanted to continue this series for some time now, especially since I have some towns prepared already, but time restrains kept me from finishing this section.

But here it is, another town :)

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2021-01-06 19:35:23

Today I finished the story of Hyrule Warriors 2: Age of Calamity. And I have to admit, I shed a tear, the story is incredibly intense. I wouldn't have expected that.

If you're looking for the review, just click onto the huge button on the top of the screen or here to read it.

And yes, we awarded the "Classic" to a "Warriors" game.

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2021-01-04 21:54:27

New year, new stuff. There's some nice works of art available at the Final Fantasy art gallery.

I also updated the Bravely Default preview, as I came to the conclusion that this game is not really my cup of tea.

Aside of that, I changed the copyright from 2020 to 2021.

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