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2022-05-24 22:03:57

I usually don't make a big fuss about it, but did you know that rpg-o-mania has some extensive screenshot galleries?

Just take a look here!

I usually always upload screenshots from games I'm playing, and I also usually try to create nice screenshots. Some people call this "digital photographer".

But you see, we have a huge selection from some of the best RPGs - not only the over 900 Final Fantasy XIV screenshots, but also lots from "Tales of Vesperia", a game I'm currently playing!

posted by docower

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2022-05-20 20:29:54

Today I've added some artwork about Eiyuden Chronicle Rising.

I haven't bought the game when it was discounted during the Kickstarter campaign of Hundred Heroes, and I still haven't bought it on my own up until now.

I'm still skeptical (heh, maybe I should write a preview), but reviews are pretty positive up until now.

Well maybe sometimes I'm going to buy it. Right now it doesn't seem to appealing to me, although it has a really nice look.

And Ms Kawano's artworks really look great!

posted by docower

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2022-05-16 22:20:25

This month's sprite of the month is Fryderyk Chopin, a famous polish composer.

And he's also the main protagonist of a very good RPG, so that's why we decided he is the best choice for this category.

I'm also currently playing Tales of Vesperia, which offers a Chopin costume for one of the characters.

You can also check out our 16 year old review about the game here.

posted by docower

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2022-05-08 20:38:54

Today I added some more Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise art.

The game itself, as strange as it looked upon initial release, seems to be better than anticipated.

I got some recommendations on social media as well as some YouTube videos.

posted by docower

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