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2023-03-26 17:47:59

More Final Fantasy art online in our Final Fantasy gallery!

The art is from Final Fantasy VII, but the game it's from is Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius.

The Final Fantasy VII art looks a lot like the original designs from back in 1997, pose-wise.

There's also a piece of Exvius original art there.

Square Enix loves their free to play mobile games, but the game still contains gacha mechanics, so it's nothing we cover more in-depth here at rpg-o-mania.

posted by docower

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2023-03-21 20:07:23

Do you know about our showcases? Well, you most certainly do, as they're the first thing that you see when opening rpg-o-mania.

However, they have a certain logic to them that might not be that obvious. After five days of not showing a new showcase, a set of random showcases will be shown.

I added a little explanation in our new Explanation page as well as a little icon when random mode is engaged.

posted by docower

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2023-03-13 20:24:00

Oh would you believe me, I forgot one game yesterday in the "Camelot" retrospective.

It's "Beyond the Beyond", and now it's also part of the article.

I don't understand how that game could have slipped beyond (the beyond) my attention.

Especially as it ties Shining, Golden Sun, and modern Camelot together in ways.

posted by docower

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2023-03-12 20:52:51

Today, I uploaded the newest addition to our old "retrospective" section: It's all about the Camelot RPGs, the "Shining" and "Golden Sun" games.

I decided to group them together, as they are so similar, and let's be honest - Golden Sun is the spiritual successor to the "Shining" series, no matter what Sega did with that series.

There are also tons of new screenshots available in our Xenoblade 3 screenshot gallery!

posted by docower

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