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2020-08-02 10:23:06

It's a Kaoru update! He finished the original Dragon Quest game for us (on the Gameboy Color) and reviewed it!

And since he sent quite a lot of Screenshots, I created a gallery with his screenshots since I couldn't fit them all on the review itself!

Thanks again!

posted by docower

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2020-07-30 19:52:58

A little art update. With all the Eiyuden hype going on, let's not forget about the series the upcoming game is sort of based on - Suikoden. There's some nice artwork of Junko Kawano online now. To be honest, I think her digital paintings do not look as good as her old ones she'd done for Suikoden.

Aside of that, we also have some new Breath of Fire art online.

posted by docower

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2020-07-27 23:00:28

I still haven't finished Xenoblade Chronicles, but phew was this a ride today! I added some screenshots over at the Xenoblade Screenshot gallery, but please be aware that this gallery now contains Spoilers!.

And not any spoilers but... Mega massive Spoilers over 9000!.

Yet, they just look so great!

And on another note, I backed the Kickstarter of Eiyuden Chronicle today :)

posted by docower

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2020-07-26 18:24:23

Today we have a new artwork gallery online: It's about Eiyuden Chronicle, a game where the Kickstarter campaign starts tomorrow.

The team consists mainly of old Suikoden team members, and it's said to be more than a spiritual successor to the game.

Thanks to my friend Bowie for informing me, and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, and I still am, to be perfectly honest. Everything sounds just TOO good!

posted by docower

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