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2021-03-08 22:35:37

Some new wallpapers in the Final Fantasy wallpaper gallery. They're about the new addon of Final Fantasy XIV which was announced just recently.

Speaking Final Fantasy XIV, I never expected a MMO to be that appealing to me. I really enjoy my hours playing this game, even if I'm mostly playing solo!

posted by docower

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2021-03-02 19:22:57

Today, it's a good old art update.

Square Enix recently announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake will get a PS5 upgrade along with a new chapter that revolves around Yuffie, a character that also appeared on the original game.

We have some nice character renderings in the corresponding wallpaper and art galleries.

At some point, I surely want to get a PS5 console, but right now, prices and availabilty is just atrocious. So art and videos will have to do until then.

posted by docower

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2021-03-01 13:27:02

Today, the new reviw about Ni No Kuni is online, and we granted the game a rating of 78%.

You know, our ratings award games with more than 80% a "classic" badge, marking especially nice games.

While I loved playing Ni No Kuni, the game itself has so many flaws, that it's simply not a classic in terms of gameplay. But I will play Ni No Kuni 2 soon, I'm curious how this will turn out to be!

posted by docower

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2021-02-24 23:13:18

In preparation of my upcoming Ni No Kuni review, I searched for some art and added it to our newly formed Ni No Kuni gallery.

The art design of those games is on top. I also enjoyed my run of Ni No Kuni on the Nintendo Switch so much, that I purchased its successor on the PlayStation 4 console.

I haven't started playing that game yet, blame Final Fantasy XIV for that :)

posted by docower

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