Written in 2023

What are showcases?

Showcases are a set of five selected articles linked on the front page of rpg-o-mania. They can link to a specific article, a gallery, or even a news entry. They are made to give you a direction of especially interesting things to see and explore here on rpg-o-mania.

Often, showcases are created when a news article has been written or something has been updated on rpg-o-mania. Within 5 days of creating a new showcase, the five most recent showcases will be shown.

Random showcases

After five days of no new showcase being put online, rpg-o-mania will switch into "random" mode, where five random showcases will be shown. A little "random"-icon on the top left corner of each showcase will indicate that random mode has been activated. Which showcase will be shown as the big ones and which ones will be the smaller ones is purely decided by chance.

This is just the default behaviour, though. You can always switch between new showcases and random showcases by clicking the buttons directly beneath the showcases.

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