Series Resurrection

Written in 2021

Here on rpg-o-mania, you can find a lot about various role playing games from the past that haven't received an update in years. There are some beloved, once famous series, hidden games or single games that were abaondoned by its developing or publishing companies.

There are several reasons why companies decided against (further) successors to some games. Some games were loved by critics, but had poor sales. In some other cases, whole companies collapsed. Also, some companies changed their business strategy and quit developing complex games altogether (like Konami did, for example)

As time comes, sometimes, companies decide to pick up an old IP again and develop new games for it. Sometimes, fans try to recreate a successor, remaster or remake for certain games. And finally, there are cases where fans try to find a publisher or developer who is willing to give life to an old series again.

So as always, enjoy and if you have anything you notice, feel free to contact us anytime.

Some resurrection projects

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