A matter of perspective

Written in 2019

Have you ever thought about how you look at a RPG? How you see what your heroes experience, how you fight your battles and enjoy the peaceful moments? Ever since the first RPGs were released, game developers came up with many way of how to present the story and gameplay to players.

There are almost as many ways to view a RPG as there are RPGs themselves. Some RPGs let the players be some sort of deitys that watch the scenery from above, others put the people playing in the center of attention by showing the game from the eyes of characters in a first person view.

Many RPGs even have different types of screens that show the contents of the game from a different perspective just as it fits the situation best.

This report gives you a little overview of what types of perspective RPG games use, what's good about it and what is not.

Look around.

Perspective types

I hope you enjoy our list of some view modes. Of course, some games can not be exclusively assigned to one of these perspectives, and sometimes some persepctives share some positives and negatives alike. But if you like to, please give us some feedback - you can contact us here.

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