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2019-07-11 11:12:14

Lots of Seiken / Mana extravaganza! I created some unique (and exclusive) Trials of Mana wallpapers, which should be suitable for most big screens nowadays. Mobile versions are to follow in the next few days.

We also have some new Trials of Mana artworks, where one is a part of the cover from the original japanese Seiken Densetsu 3.

posted by docower

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2019-07-09 14:33:18

Just a little update today: If your browser refreshed everything correctly, you might be able to see this page with a new, nice looking banner element. Yeah I know, content would be better, but I always wanted to know how these parallax scrolling banners work, and just today I found a couple of free minutes where I could take a look into how this works.

The image shown here is from the special Seiken Densetsu 3 (Trials of Mana) special gallery, which contains images drawn for a great free soundtrack.

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2019-07-08 12:37:42

While listending to my old favorite songs today in the morning, I stumbled upon "Gimme More" from Britney Spears. I'm usually absolutely not the type of guy who listens to pop music, but this song is a bit special to me.

It reminds me of "Nightmare", the last dungeon music from Breath of Fire II. Since I haven't covered this pair of tunes already, here it is: an official comparision of Nightmare and Gimme More.

I wonder if it's just me who hears those similarities or if there are any other people who think the way I do.

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2019-07-05 10:28:59

Oh my gosh, I was finally able to get the great images from the Trials of Mana remake that are used on the promotional artwork around the Mana Stone.

In our Seiken gallery, you can find these images. I hope you can enjoy them as well as I do!

posted by docower

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2019-07-04 10:24:45

Okay, now the streak of the old reviews is finished - the Shining Force II review is the last one of the series for now - and another great entry of RPG Xanadu's reviews.

I hope you enjoyed that I found these old reviews and added a comment to it, so that you can feel what the reasons were why the review was like it was.

Maybe you're an old rpg fan person who just enjoyed going back to the early 2000s as much as I did.

Oh and happy 4th of July to our fellow guests from the USA. 😄

posted by docower

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