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2018-06-16 07:30:05

In spring this year, I had my "Setsuna" phase going on. Now there's some kind of aftermath - the Winter's End soundtrack review.

A funny side story: This is the first soundtrack review since 2004. That means that if you got a child at the time when the last soundcheck was released, it would be 14 by now and on the verge of becoming an adult. Aah, time flies...

For nostalgia, I didn't create a new score card but rather used the original old file and just added the new score! :)

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2018-06-13 19:31:43

Sorry for the late update to all my visitors! A thunderstorm crashed our wireless router and I ended up having no (or rather limited) access to the internet. So I did what every responsible adult would do - I played games. So I haven't really prepared some rpg-o-mania update either... ^^

When I browsed around my laptop I remembered (but wasn't able to find) an old music file I received back then in 2000 from its composer. This was the first and only MP3 ever to be stored here, and I thought that it would also be fitting today. But since the original MP3 was lost in a harddisk crash back in 2001, I searched the tune up in YouTube and indeed found the original file from its original composer - it can be found here and in the music section. Enjoy! And now I should start working on bigger updates again. :)

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2018-06-02 19:27:17

Thanks to lots of nice people over at reddit's rpg_gamers subreddit, I added some information to the Xeno impact set of articles. And I realized that I need to add much more information about how things came to be, so I'm going to add that soon!

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2018-05-31 08:42:15

And finally, after another few days of work, I have finished the Xenoblade Chronicles report in the Xeno impact series of articles.

Soon there will be more - and again, please excuse the slow pace of updates these days.

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2018-05-16 21:52:02

Things are quite stressful in my private life right now, but I haven't forgot about rpg-o-mania and the little Xeno story. So here it is...

Chapter 2 of the Xeno impact, this time about Xenosaga.

Have fun! As much as I hope I still have fun with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 after I beat that darned chapter 4... :D

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