Towns: Rebena Te Ra

Written in 2020

In the past

Rebena Te Ra was the main capital in the world of Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. In the past (and to be more precise: In the game "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Rings of Fates) this was one of the most important cities in the world.

Here, the various peoples in this universe (Clavat, Selkie, Lilty and Yukes) lived together in harmony under the rule of countless kings throughout the ages.

However, this town was also the founding place of some cultists who really brought the apocalypse to this games' world.

In Rings of Fates, the city is a hub for various missions in multiplayer mode and the only one that sells equipment and items.

In the present

In the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles game, only ruins remain of this town. After Miasma, a deadly gas or atmospheric disturbance spread around the whole world, Rebena Te Ra was left by the people and slowly decayed. Now, only remains of the foundation walls still exist.

Not unlike Tida, another, yet smaller ghost town, a tree of Myrrh grew where the city once stood. Monsters, mainly ghosts and other undead creatures roam the streets of the former city.

Interestingly, the design team of Rings of Fates didn't care too much about the design that was presented in the original game. In Crystal Chronicles, the city looks like a town seen in old Incan town, whereas in Rings of Fates, Rebena Te Ra looks just like a regular city.

About this town

Name: Rebena Te Ra
Game: Final Fantasy: Crystal Chornicles / FFCC - Rings of Fates
Type: Regular town, hub town.
Recommended for: Sad history, architecture
Look out for: Lichs and architecture anomalies

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