2022 - 02: Katt

Written in 2022

Katt is an interesting character. If searched for in Google, Deviantart or social media, there are lots and lots of artworks online that cover her, and their number is still growing - almost 28 years after Breath of Fire 2 was released.

In Breath of Fire 2, Katt is one of the party members and one of the main characters that can be played for almost all of the game. She is a member of the Woren Clan, a race that share some feline features whilst generally retaining a human like appearance. After initially introduced in Breath of Fire 2, Woren have important appearances in every game, both in male or female form.

Her personality is strong willed and determined, even if she is portrayed as a bit of a simple mind in the game. This fits her behaviour in battle well, she is a strong attacker during the game.

The looks are one of the reasons she is so popular. Katt is portrayed as a beautiful woman, lightly clad with the bonus of even not wearing any pants as her lower body is covered in fur. This design sparks some sexualisation within the fandom.

This is a pity! Katt, in the game, is a very likeable character that has quite some great story events right from the moment players can get her into the party. She might be simple minded, but she has a big heart and is a very empathic person. At no moment in the game are her looks presented with a sexual connotation. It's like in real life, a person can dress any way they want, they should not be seuxalized because of that.

As Rhianna Pratchett, writer of the Tomb Raider reboot puts it in a MCV article - characters can be sexy, that's their design, but sexualisation happens within the community and fans. Of course, any fanart artist can display Katt in a more sexualized frame than it was in her initial design, but everyone should consider that oversexualizing characters can eventually lead to real life harassmend, like written in this Screen Rant article.

It would really be wise to consider these things when creating fan made stuff for a certain character.

So let's just enjoy this likeable character with her simple, honest soul and her cool fighting style.

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