What is an RPG?

Written in 2020

Basically, when I started preparing for this article, I only wanted to get some information together that I needed for another report. But then I asked this question on Twitter: "What is a console RPG anyway?" And oh boy, did I start a discussion.

Even in the earliest versions of rpg-o-mania, the first text that could be read stated "This page is dedicated to support RPG fans" and even nowadays, the mission statement says "This website covers videogames, mainly console role playing games".

I never asked myself the question "what actually are these RPG games I love so much?" - but now it's time to dive into this topic and get a definition of video game RPGs that we can use here on this page.

I know that this topic can be controversial, so please bear in mind that this is by no means an attempt to create an official definition of the genre. It's just a little bit of history and information for you to enjoy.

And yes, I know there are even Wikipedia pages that try to define the genres, but let's try to find our own explanation, shall we?

Let's dive into it

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