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Bumpy Battles

Ys (earlier games)

A system found mostly in the very earliest of Japanese Action-RPGs, and usually in the ones that originated on PCs, is the bump system. It is one that almost automates the battles, because there is no button pressing needed to attack or defend. Instead the player just runs into the enemy and both sides take collission damage based on their stats until one of them is dead. Hydlide for example, which is a series that only ever was popular in Japan, and seemingly only because there was nothing better on the market, uses this system. But at least it gives you an attack and defense stance that priorizes one of the two stats when ramming your enemies. Falcom's Ys also used this bump system for its first four games, but gives the player a bit of tactical consideration to do. Because here you have to get the enemies from behind or the side instead of straight on, to have a higher chance of killing them with as little of Adol's own life lost as possible.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 1/5

Accessibility: 4/5

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