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Written in 2019

Over attack!

Valkyrie Profile

Valkyrie Profile adds a little special to the regular turn based action. So technically, the game is a turn based system - first it's the players' party who attacks or does some moves, and then it's the enemies.

The interesting part about this games' battle system is that when attacking, every one of the four party members is assigned to one of the four buttons of the PlayStation controller. And when it's time for the players to attack, they attack just when the button is pressed - allowing for some combos where enemies can be juggled and hit especially hard.

If the attack combo is done masterfully enough, a "special attack" bar is filled and when this bar reaches 100, characters can perform special attacks.

Hitting the enemy with the right timing and the right special attacks rewards players with points that allow for several actions per turn or to perform a magic attack.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 3/5

Accessibility: 2/5

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