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Written in 2019

Let go


The battle system of Suikoden plays much like Breath of Fire. Side note: This is why Suikoden caught my attention at all, since it looks so similar to Breath of Fire. But let's continue with it battles.

In Suikoden, players control up to six characters per battle. The basic is pretty much turn based standard: Players can attack, cast magic, use items and so on. Who attacks when is again determined by an "agility" value in the character status.

An interesting aspect of Suikoden are combo attacks. In total, there are 108 characters to be found and recruited in the game, and many of them can be used in battle. If some characters know each other or have similar battle styles, sometimes they can use "combo" attacks where two or more party members perform an especially mighty move.

Another interesting tidbit is that when the level of the players' party is far above the strength of the monsters, players can choose to "let go" monsters who just would like to run away.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 1/5

Accessibility: 4/5

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