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Written in 2019 by Kaoru

Turn based battle

Shadow Hearts

The Shadow Hearts games are generally turn based, but add a little something to make them a bit more exciting and give you some more player participation: The Judgement Ring. This simply means that every time a character's action is executed, a dial appears on screen that starts spinning and which you have to stop with a button press.

Now, on these dials are several marked zones. Stopping the dial on some of them means the action misses, others execute the action, and if you hit the small sweat spot the action not only executes, but also is made more potent. The games even gives you different rings you can use should you need some help with the minigame. All the way to one that automatically hits the zones for you but doesn't have any of the sweat spots.


Fun: 4/5

Complexity: 2/5

Accessibility: 3/5

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