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Written in 2019 by Kaoru

Turn based battle

Lufia: Legend returns

The third Lufia game, which is exclusive to Nintendo's GameBoy Color and one of the best looking RPGs you can find on the handheld, adds something to the turn based battles by giving you a lot of characters. A whole nine of them can be in the battle lineup at the same time, arranged on a 3x3 grid. They can't all act though, instead you still only choose three of them each round. But every character comes with different elemental coloring, and depending on the color setup of the line and collum, the acting character will be able to use certain special skills.

Addendum by DocOwer: In the successor to this game, "Lufia: Ruins of Lore", the battle system went back to Lufia Standard again - which is a pity, this is a great system.


Fun: 2/5

Complexity: 3/5

Accessibility: 2/5

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