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Written in 2019

Wait, command, act


Even if it looks pretty dynamic, Grandia's battle system is a strict turn based one. Whenever characters are able to do something, the battle stops and players can calmly decide what to do next.

The system of Grandia itself is different to other turn based RPGs. Agility still defines when a character or monster will attack, but players will always see when a certain character can do a special action since the battle screen displays a bar with all characters and enemies on it.

There are two states in which combatants can be before actually performing an attack: "Wait" and "Act". Between those two states, there is a "Command" moment where characters can be assigned actions that are of the usual kind - there are attacks, magic, items, defense and so on. There's a little twist to attacks, though.

Performing attacks can be divided into "Combo" attacks or "Heavy" attacks. Combo attacks only stall the enemies in their movement, while heavy attacks push them back. Performing a heavy attack while an enemy prepares an attack during its "act" phase will cancel the planned attack and kick the enemy far back into the beginning of the "wait" phase. However, this can be applied to characters too!

Placement of characters is pretty important too, since party members and enemies alike have limited move per turn.

Grandia offers a fair and motivating battle system that has even been used in some more modern RPGs like "Child of Light".


Fun: 5/5

Complexity: 3/5

Accessibility: 3/5

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