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Written in 2019 by Kaoru

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Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter

The fifth Breath of Fire game does shake up things for the series significantly and in almost every way. This also applies to the battle system. It is still turn based like the previous four games, but has a lot more of a tactical note to it. Because now enemies and allies have to walk up to each other on the battlefield. This is executed everyone having a certain amount of points per turn that can be used up. The farther someone walks, the more points are consumed. So if the distance is a short one, you'll have more left to do several attacks at once, while having to walk far might leave you with none left to attack at all.

On top of that, environmental control is a big thing in this game. Thanks to the traps you can lay out, the player can already damage enemies before the battle even starts, or make it easier to get a back attack. And even during battle you can for example have Nina lay down damaging tiles in the enemies' path or have Lin shoot them into ones. Not to forget that Ryu can press the instant win button of dragon transformation, which have always been kind of overpowered in the games and tough to balance. Here they raise his D-Counter, and should that one ever reach 100 it is instant game over.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 4/5

Accessibility: 3/5

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