Battle systems

Written in 2019

Turn based battle

Breath of Fire

The battle system from Breath of Fire is pretty advanced and comfortable for a game that has been released in 1993.

The basics of this battle system is pretty simple. Characters and enemies have an "agility" stat which determines when which combatant will attack. Before commencing the battle, players can choose for every character to attack, use an item, cast a magic spell or go into front or back row.

However, there are some convenience features within the battle systems that make the game more accessible. First of all, players can see the enemies' HP when attacking. This is also valid for bosses, although there's a twist - when a boss reaches 0 hp, they regain some strength and attack more viciously. During this phase, the remaining HP are not displayed.

Another very fair and comfortable feature is that healing spells always come first in round, no matter the agility stat of the character.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 1/5

Accessibility: 5/5

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