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Written in 2019 by Kaoru

Turn based battle


Bravely Default and its sequel Bravely Second also come with a twist on the tradtitional turn based battles. It is directly in the nonsensical name, since you have an option to "Brave" and one to "Default" in the battle menu. A character using Default will take a defensive stance for the round, but also charge up an additional action. So next round they could act twice or use a skill that takes two charges.

To Brave on the other hand consumes a not-charged action, giving the character minus charges. Meaning this character can act twice but in exchange has to recover next round and isn't able to act at all during it. Up to a +4 or -4. This has tactical ramifications of course. Like Defaulting until a shielded enemy drops their defense and then having everyone do four actions that turn, or having the healer default until the magic is needed and being able to heal several times that round. Or if the enemy is almost dead, just going all out with having everyone Brave.


Fun: 3/5

Complexity: 2/5

Accessibility: 4/5

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