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Written in 2019 by Kaoru

Turn based battle

Ar Tonelico

Gust's Ar tonelico games have a special character setup in battles too. In that you have your normal fighters that get to act out the typical battle actions in the front row, while the Reyvateils stand in the back row and sing their song magic. This song magic can add passive bonuses to the battle or charge up a powerful magical attack. What is important is that the front row characters have to defend the squishy songstresses.

While the first Ar tonelico goes for a more standard turn based system, Ar tonelico 2 actually divides battles in an attack and a defend phase. During the attack phase you make the frontliners attack by pressing the corresponding button, while during the defense phase you press their button to make them jump into harms way when an enemy tries to attack a Reyvateil. Ar tonelico Qoga tries to put this into an action based system and has you press attacks in rhyhtm with the songs, but is quite awkwark to try to use efficiently.


Fun: 2/5

Complexity: 2/5

Accessibility: 3/5

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