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Written in 2020

Final Fantasy VII starts in a bleak, almost postapocalyptic megacity called "Midgar". The party consists of some terrorist group that tries to do sabotage acts, causing the anger of the mighty ShinRa corportation who is the true superpower in the world.

In the end, after some tragic events, the party has to flee Midgar and will return at Costa Del Sol at some point in the game.

This town is a stark contrast to Midgar, since it is a resort town that is very valued among the mighty and rich people around the world. It does not only have warm and welcoming weather, but also a nice beach and some more convenience that makes life or vacation there so desirable.

Final Fantasy VII

This is the first town that players can enter on the new conitnent. From Costa Del Sol, they embark on their Search of Sepiroth, and they gain some intelligence in that matter. The town is a regular town that can be explored. There are some NPCs there, one was a former inhabitant of the slums of Midgar. He will tell more and more stories as the game continues.

Other games

In Before crisis: Final Fantasy VII, the town plays some role as ShinRa attempts to recruit people for SOLDIER there.

In Crysis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the main protagonist's vacation is cancelled after troops attack the city, and he is going to be redeployed back to Junon.

About this town

Name: Costa Del Sol
Game: Final Fantasy VII
Type: Regular town
Recommended for: Nice scenery, beach
Look out for: ShinRa corporate thugs

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